Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 More Days!!!

Do you even believe that it's just 6 more days until Christmas?! AAHH I'm still working on lots of really doesn't bother me. Just that I wish I had more hours in the day that my eyes were bright and creative. Lately 10pm and I can barely hold my eyes open let alone think of working on things!HA

The good new is..remember I mentioned a Paper Salon set? Well it's done..and it sort of feels a bit Suessical to me. The bright colors of pink, green and all those together! Add in the reindeer and some glitter and I'm really happy!!

For the tree I used a styrofoam cone shape that I wrapped the paper around. I hand cut a felt bottom for it, used these fun red gems from my LSS and added the oh so fun sequin border.

For the base I used an empty acrylic ornament container that was ready for the trash. Had Scott poke a hole in it and covered it with the paper. I hand cut the felt oval to back the stamped image and of course added Stickles to the stamped image.

The reindeer I purchased on clearance last year at Hobby Lobby. They are wooden and yes..I've painted them, covered both sides with the paper, added glitter to their feet and each one has a different scarf! I like the feather one!LOL

These guys are all right now in my red dining room and look oh so cute in there! Haley went crazy over them..especially the red one!

And speaking of's a cute picture of us two girls from the photo shoot.

Scott remarked on how alike we are that we even tilt our heads the same!LOL

So that's it for today..check back in the next day or two for the Xmas ornaments I've been working on and some more goodies!

Until then..



  1. GREAT project. And I love that shot. You two look SOOO much alike. How funny that you're tilting your head the same way. I see a layout in the future!

  2. What an amazing set, love it!! And such beautiful girls.. you look so much alike!


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