Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Friday Friday Friday!

Wow..where did this week go? I hadn't even realized I had not updated my blog since last week. So sorry about that! I knew I wanted to leave the post up about the winners to be sure that they saw it. But then I guess updating it again got pushed aside in the week.

The good news this week..3 items of mine were chosen by Paper Crafts for an upcoming Holiday issue! YEAH! I was worried as I sent in ALOT of things..and figured they'd move me to stalker category if nothing appealed to them. Thankfully some things did! Here's a card that didn't get chosen..

I used Paper Adventures paper, K & Company dimensional sticker(love their holiday line!) Scenic Route arrow diecut, a cute shape cut with my Cricut in the background and a nice velvet ribbon to finish it off!

Let's see what else..not a big scrapping week for me. After the huge push for Holiday projects for the PC call, Valentine projects(you'll see these soon) for my ScrapJazz article and then the Making Memories work..I needed a few days to clear my mind! was crazy how many things I made. You're asking how many?!


5 projects for Making Memories
8 projects for the Valentine article
2 Bo Bunny projects
10 Holiday projects..

this does not include the holiday and Making Memories items I made just a few weeks prior!

So 25 projects in like one week or more! That is ALOT!! Thus the need for a moment or two of nothing!LOL

So what's next ..some items for Paper Salon for the upcoming CHA show. Sadly I had to pass on going. Just a bad time for me to not work and not be paid..really bad time actually. So I will once again be here instead of there. Then maybe some scrapping for me..which I have long forgotten what that feels like.

This weekend is one of those nutty ones. Ever have the ones that everything falls onto? That is this weekend. Gesh..I had to turn down a birthday party invite Parker had gotten as I could not be in enough places at's silly I tell you.

What's on my mind? Fool's Gold!

I would be completely lying if I didn't say that I want to see this. I love Matthew M..can't help it..and the combo again of Matthew and Kate is irresistable! I'm mean..How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

was the best..the best. I can say that I am jealous of Kate getting to hang out with him..but I'm not a fan of Kate's skinny that doesn't get me. Doesn't get Scott either..thank goodness. But the idea of the two again together, listening to him talk in that southern smooth voice. Well I'm there. Hopefully Scott can take me to see it after it comes out. I think I deserve it!

And last a post to thank a very neat lady, Charlotte Lyons. Now she doesn't know me from adam..but her reputation as a beautiful artist I know! I peeked into her blog the other day and she made my day! She posted about PBS having a Jane Austen Masterpiece movie showing each Sunday night for the next month! I about fell off my chair! I mean I am the BIGGEST Jane Austen fan and the idea of watching the movies, even though I own a few, well made me start to swoon!HA So last weekend was Northanger Abbey and this weekend is Mansfield Park which I am rereading. I sadly missed Persuasion at the begining..anyone know if this is viewable online anywhere? If so please let me know! If you too would like to watch these..just go online to PBS to find out which local station for you it airs on and what time! The most loved of all the novels and movies.. Pride and Prejudice with the every so beautiful Colin Firth will be airing in Febuary! It's a must see..and I'll remind as we get closer!

so that's it..I am signing off with visions of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in my head and funny for those..Bridget Jones twittering about asking him all sorts of silly questions about his wet shirt scene! You get it if you've read it!LOL She's irresistable isn't she and he?



  1. wow you are going to be busy with all those projects. Do you get to squeeze in time to read the new Janet Book. It is a short read.

  2. I guess I've been neglecting you, my friend! Love all the Firth-isms. Shall you and I go back and forth about the parallels of Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones's Diary (one the first one, though). ;) You're the only one I know who could draw these parallels with me!


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