Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank You!

A big thanks to everyone who left me a comment or sent me an email about the Guest Designer at Making Memories. I truly appreciate all the kind word and compliments..I really do!

So what's new you ask..well I finally got to see my movie..that is National Treasure the Book of Secrets. And did I love it? YES! I asked Scott if I could just stay in the theatre for the next showing..I really wanted to watch it again. It did not let me down..Nicolas Cage..although a bit thin in this and his hair was darker..still rocks my world. Although someone please tell him he looks better with some meat on his bones! But once again I sat there smiling, laughing and completely enjoying it. I love the whole concept of these two movies..I'm fascinated with the idea of treasures, Eygptians, gold, clues and all that. TRULY!

In fact..the above picture is now hanging as a huge poster in my basement. That was one of the big posters I gave to Scott for Xmas. Looks so cool to see this on my wall. We have so far a Pirates of the Caribbean one..who wouldn't want to stare at Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom!

Saving Private Ryan..really cool poster,Ocean's 12..with the lovely Brad Pitt! and one of our favorites..Shooter..the movie with Mark Wahlberg and his amazing arms! This is what that one looks like.

And yes if you are wondering..we do have some girl ones planned. In fact I found a 50 First Dates poster that is so fun. So we will mix those in. But we realized that it is alot of guy movies that often guns are involved! Gee..I wonder what that says about us!HA Some of the others we have picked but not gotten yet: The Longest Yard, Sahara (my Matthew fix!), Bridget Jones..yes Jenn..she's going up!, Notting Hill and 300. I'll keep you posted and once the spaces start to fill in I'll post a pic.

So what else is new? Working with the amazing Making Memories 5th Avenue line.

WOW is my first thought. The papers are absolutely stunning! They have cutouts, suede feel to them and shiny, glossy accents. And are just fantastic colors of black, cream, aqua, apple green and a periwinkle. Right up my alley. Check back on the 16th I believe for those!

But I can't go and not show you anything other than sexy guy here's one of Haley I don't believe I've shared.

I'll be back with lots more..I'm working on an article for ScrapJazz and finishing up Christmas things to submit to Paper Crafts. So come back soon!



  1. Congrats, again on being Guest Designer!! :0)

  2. Love that layout! So jealous you're already playing with the MM line. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. see what happens when I go out of town? I can't believe I missed this! I'm going to come and visit so I can drool! :)


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