Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Funny Stuff!!!

I have to share as they are so darn funny..or funny to me and right now with a busy week and deadlines..we need funny!

First up..the stain!! I can't help it..it's so darn funny! I mean how many times have you seen someone with a huge stain on their shirt?! You notice the stain don't you? I so get this!

Another funny to me...the head nodding is great!

Love it and then with Chris at the end..too funny! I'll be back with more sharing the laughs! Hope everyone had a good Superbowl! We had a great time with friends and loved that the Giants won! Way to Go Eli! How amazing for one family to have two sons who won back to back Superbowl's! Wonder what it would be like to sit around their table at Thanksgiving?!

And last just one item to leave you with as I am still working on Paper Salon projects for CHA. This one is for ScrapJazz. My assignment was to use Anna Griffin items..ie the paper, rubons etc but I also added in the other item I used for last month the Technique Tuesday chipboard which you can easily use rubons with. This photo is from Xmas 2006! Yes..I'm behind like everyone else!LOL

That's it for today..if you live in St.Louis get out and vote..and say hi to my sweetie who is working the elections today!


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  1. Loved those commercials, too. My favorite was the lizards dancing to 'Thriller'! Beautiful layout, too!


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