Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy February!

How can you not smile when it's February?! It's a happy month! Just the, pink add in a bit of brown,'s fantastic!

When I say "it's fantastic" it immediately makes me think of a movie that makes me very happy..makes all of us very happy! In fact..that's a line in you wanna know what movie I'm talking about?

None other than Nacho Libre!

We are all crazy(said like Nacho) over this movie! There's so many funny things about it..Nacho, Chancho, El's one of those either love it or nothing at all. Done by the same guy who did Napolean Dynamite which we also liked alot. Jack Black though is so darn good in this..he cracks us up. So many little things that make big laughs. And so great that it's a movie we can all watch! So thanks Nacho Libre..we're all walking around singing the silly songs, saying the silly lines..and guess what poster I think is next to add to the basement? Yep!

I've been emerging myself a bit more in the digi world. I like it for some things. I know I'll never be 100% digi..but I really like the addition to my photos, elements I can print out and add and of course for my blog. I made the header using a really cute kit I found at Sweet Shoppe.

They have a sale going for this month. Of course they annouced it the day after I bought the kit. Why does that happen? I try to be really good about buying things so that was a bit of a kick but there was another kit I really liked so maybe I'll grab that. I've found myself printing more and more photos with a digital frame or brush added onto it. So I definitely do use them.

Well that's it for today..busy day and still working on some CHA work for Paper Salon. You'll just have to check back in for that!

Until then here's a Paper Salon Valentine card from last year using my favorite line..Smitten!

Happy Saturday!



  1. Great job with the header Julia, love that card!

  2. Love the header, Julia! Very cute!
    I have to say I'll never be 100% digi either but it does add some nice touches :)

    We will have to check out that movie because we were big fans of N.D. also!


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