Thursday, February 07, 2008

He Emailed Me!!

Well almost! A girl can dream that Matthew Mcconaughey would email her right!LOL But here's what I did get..still made me smile even if it's not just to me!

Hey everybody, got a good one comin out this weekend..."Fool's gold"....after 6 months shooting in beautiful australia and many islands around it, the reunition of me and kate hudson in a fun lovin action packed adventure comedy is comin to theatres all over north america this friday...its fun, its sly, its sunkissed, its a vacation...the most physical comedy I've done to date and as much action as "sahara", I hope you enjoy what we put together...don't wait for dvd!!! You'll wanna see this one on the bigscreen....hope you enjoy the hard work and fun I had makin it, and as always, just keep livin, mcconaughey

Hopefully next weekend I can drag Scott out to go see this! I've got some Ebay money that is calling out for a movie ticket!

I'm so very happy to say that my CHA work is done. It's officially headed to Cali for the show and what a great feeling it is to know it's completed. WOW! It was a nutty nutty week trying to do all that along with the rest of life demands. In honor of my getting all the work about a peek at a card I made using Paper Salon's absolutely adorable chick paper. It has thermographic printing on it and I love it! New Paper Salon stamps too!

And how about one more for today..I love the bunnies..soooo cute! New glittery paper and stamps!!

So that's it for today..I must get my room back in order after the craziness of creating all of that! Check back tomorrow for more looks into the new products coming from Paper Salon!



  1. Very cute cards - I hope you get to go to the show :)

  2. Too funny on the e-mail, love your projects and hope you're having tons of fun!

  3. cute cards, wow and having matthew emailing you!! LOL
    I so want to see his movie also.

    Glad your cha work is off to CA

  4. These look beautiful, Julia! This line is soooo YOU!


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