Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hi! How are you? Yes you? Me? I'm good! We had a busy weekend after 2 snow days for the kids last week. Seemed like the weekend went on forever. Which can be good but when you're in the house for a period of time. You can feel trapped like I do from time to time.

Easily solved by popping by the mall. Getting there and noticing an insane amount of traffic. Only to remember that yes...Paris Hilton..the real one..was there to sign autographs in conjuction with her new perfume!

That's crazy! As it turns out the reason she was at this Macy's... was because it sells more of her perfume than the other Macy's locations. Help..what does that say about the area I live!LOL

To further help with the feeling of being cooped up..Scott and I were asked to a Trivia Night. Very fun! We did not do well on the first few sets of questions. But after that..we did really well. Not good enough to win..but we had alot of fun! Headed out for drinks after and drove home in a mini snow blizzard that thankfully did not stick to the roads. We've had ENOUGH! Spring please hurry!!!!!!!

I have not done too much in the way of scrapping. It's just not there and I know when it's not..walk away! Here is one layout I did make using the new Paper Salon Sorbet. It's from Easter 2 years ago! Amazing just how quickly time goes and soon enough we'll be celebrating another Easter!

And last as I seem to always discuss movies..we watched a few over the long weekend. We Own the Night..with Marky Mark and Joaquin Phoenix..not too bad. No shirtless scenes for Mark so that's a bit of a downer. I'd give it a C+.

The Game Plan with..The Rock! WOW! Be still my heart..plenty of arm, chest, legs to drool over and we all thought it was a cute movie. Doesn't hurt that I like football movies and when you mix in The Rock..I'm there! I'll give this a B for family entertainment and well..The Rock!

Haley said she'd like to get that one and suprisingly Scott agreed. It was a good all around movie for us we thought!

And last..we finally got to watch The Astronaut Farmer with Billy Bob Thornton. Okay movie about a guy with dreams. Not a bad thing to have! I like Virginia Madsen too! I'll give it a B/B-.

We still have American Gangster to watch so that's next on our viewing calendar. After that..I saw the Jane Austen club is out along with Becoming Jane. I told Scott these should be rented next. Quite a change from We Own The Night and American Gangster! But that's what it's all about! Diversity!

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