Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Oscar's

I realized that I didn't post about the Oscar's that were on Sunday. Did anyone else besides me watch? Did anyone else miss Ellen as the host? I really really did! I do feel Billy Crystal was a great one with his video spoofs and such. But me Ellen was the best of all the recent ones. I just didn't feel it this year.

Too many video montages to watch. I guess those were prepped in case the Writer's Strike had not ended. But gesh! Enough. And do only I share the opinion to cut down on those videos, the hosts openings jokes and such and allow the winners. Yes..the people who have won the goal of a lifetime to have more than 30 seconds to speak! I mean my gosh! The one poor gal didn't even get a chance to speak and then Jon Stewart brings her back out. Is it just me or maybe could some things be cut down to save time and offer the winners a little longer to take thank you?! Do we need full songs sung of the nominated songs? They often seem to go on and on. And given three were from Enchanted..I think it would have been better to merge them together. It just this year seemed rather dull to me.

As far as attire..I think Katherine Heigl looked amazing!

Along with Jennifer Garner, Renee Zellweger, the winner for La Vie En Rose..she was beautiful and the writer for Juno! Diablo Cody. Very cute. Love that she bucked against the fashion giants and skipped the ridicuoulsly expensive shoes and wore little gold flats from Payless! Good for her!

Other than that..Johnny Depp was looking cute, Colin Farrell as always and I loved seeing The Rock there giving an award!

I've gotten another layout done! Nothing jaw dropping but lately I've been enjoying the challenge of using more than one photo on a page. Not that I don't like those. But when I see how many pictures I have to scrapbook and I realize I've been taking less and less. I think I need to step it up now and then. So here's one from Xmas with the pictures from our photo shoot. Scenic Route's new paper, diecuts and such are perfect for this!

Until tomorrow,



  1. Followed your blog link from Live Pink. Love the Christmas LO - the pp and all the fun photos you included as well as the big arrow pointing at your choice. :)

  2. The LO looks fantastic, Julia - so you! :)


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