Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Signs of Valentine's Day

I'm finally getting around to posting! I kind of held my breath all weekend praying that I didn't for a third weekend spend it fighting the flu. Thankfully I did not and aside from a cough that is almost gone..but extremely annoying..I am fine! Scott however was not! AHHH It's crazy I tell you.

Valentine's Day wound up being such a nice day. Normally I'll confess..it's not. Scott's sometimes of the theory..why give flowers on the day just because it's a holiday. He'll bring them when I least expect it. Well he actually did given I never expected flowers or anything for that matter. Instead I was shocked with a beautiful bouquet of my two favorite flowers. StarGazer Lillies..our wedding flower which we both love and Gerbera Daises which I am crazy over and he likes too!

here's a pic of the Lillies opening..are they not amazing!!!!?

That color pink is UNREAL and they are HUGE and so fragrant..almost too much as he got white Lillies too which are equally beautiful!

And I got another suprise. A new TV! Wohoo! I know...most would prefer a purse, jewelry or the like. But for once..I was right there saying TV! Ours died a few months ago and when I was sick..I was so acutely aware of the loss of no TV and lying there in bed with nothing I couldn't stand it. I practically begged him to go and get something/anything. I think he loved that! So we have a very nice, large to me, TV in our bedroom. I'm back reuinited with HGTV and TLC! WOHOO!!

I took time to make the kids some Valentine cupcakes.

and can I just say that they were sooooo good! So good that you absolutely MUST eat more than one at a time..and even more than two! Don't tell Scott though!LOL

Although Scott did the same! I told him..try one they're amazing. He did..he agreed. He ate 2 more and I think might of had another! They were absolutely yummy! I so love cupcakes! You don't feel quite so guilty when eating them compared to Cheesecake and well cake!

The kids came home all excited about their Valentine parties. Well I should say not Connor as he's past that. But I snapped a pic of Parker's goodies before he tore into them.

We finished off the day by taking the kids to their choice.. Steak n Shake for dinner after Haley's dance class. It was a really nice day and so nice to be on the suprised end for a change!

I should say I did get Scott a little something. I found a very hard to find Miami Vice poster to add to the basement collection that is growing nicely!

Scott loved it and it looks great with the others we have. Although I realized it's another gun poster bringing our total to 3! I've convinced him that a Nacho Libre poster is a must..so that will help lighten the gun mood!LOL

That's it for today..I need to get back to scrappin,


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