Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Wedding Singer

Today's blog post is about nothing special just a movie that I think special.

The Wedding Singer. Robbie and Julia. Adam and Drew. 80's music. Billy Idol.

I just recently rewatched the Wedding Singer. I've been forced into walking indoors on my treadmill with the lousy weather. And I must have a movie on while I walk. I picked..the Wedding Singer. To's like 50 First Dates. My two favorites..Drew and Adam together. And even better..her name is Julia. How rare! So that's cute to me to hear Adam calling her by my name. And the part where he finds out if she gets married her name will be Julia Goolia or something like that. FUNNY! It's got great 80's music..The Thompson Twins for one. Which then brings back the memory of my meeting them at a local radion station. Having them sign their album (yes..remember albums!) and then going that night to their concert and sitting 3rd row! That was wayyyy too much! Billy Idol is in it. What can I say other than I LOVED and sorry still do Billy. I went to his concert too! Another memory!

It's just one of those movies I don't tire of. I enjoy Adam Sandler and his singing all the songs..especially when he sings the J. Geils Band.. Love Stinks! Too funny. It's just one of those that makes me smile. I like movies like that! 50 First Dates is the same..I picked that poster for the basement. It's a must to me! If I had endless walls...I'd most likely include this one too.

I'd love if you would share a movie that makes you feel good, smile and that the movie itself through songs and the like, brings back lots of great memories.

I've taken a few days off scrapping. Thought I would start yesterday but didn't. Over the weekend I worked on once again organizing my room. It needed it. I feel paper and chipboard embellishments are my downfall in organizing. Now I feel I've got it much better under control with the purchase of this.

It's the Sterlite Craft Organizer that I purchased at Target. It was on sale for $26. It's neat in that it has 7 pull out 12 by 12 drawers.(yes..your paper fits in it!) You can essentially take the drawer out, it snaps shut, and take it with you. I am using it to organize all my chipboard items. I had them in a container in my armoire. But I never looked in it and if I did..I couldn't see half of the things. Not a good plan. This way I have them organized by a drawer of Heidi Swapp, a drawer of Scenic Route etc etc. And so far..I like it!

Next on my list..the Making Memories Desktop Carousel. But everything I's sold out everywhere! Then I think some more shelves to house my jars with ribbon. It seems like a never ending process but with each thing I do..the room feels much better, cleaner and definitely more organized.

So that's it for today..don't forget to share a movie that makes you feel good and brings backs memories!


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  1. Love that cart!!
    And the Wedding Singer is one of my all time favorites! I could watch it over and over again :0)


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