Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Enough With The Rain!

Gesh..enough with the rain already! We've been hit by a huge storm system that has truly caused areas to flood and sadly some areas around St.Louis had to evacuate due to rivers rising. Crazy weather! I heard the words "El Nino" effects mentioned on the nation news. Well El Nino can hit the road. I can only imagine how lovely the ground will be for Easter. Let's hope for some sunny days to help absorb it a bit. Or the poor kids will be in a mud egg hunt!

With Easter this weekend..hard to believe..trying to get my act together for the kids baskets(shhh) and of course get all the supplies to make the desserts to take to my Grandma's house. Can I just say how thankful I am to not be having it this year. I am just not up for a house crowd of people here and then to work the next day. It's alot! So it will be nice this year not to host..but to just bring! We're bringing my famous Poppyseed Bread and cupcakes for the kids. But really..I'll be having a cupcake. They're my favorites too. More so then cake!

And I know I am certainly not alone with the cupcake thing. Cupcakes have now become quite the rage with now sweet stores dedicated to only cupcakes in cities like Chicago. I hope St.Louis jumps on this!

I've been busy scrapping. The creative bug has bitten so I'm taking full advantage of it and trying to get some new things created. One item I made is a decorated bucket. I've been making these for a while for friends. They've hired me to do Princess ones, Sports, Fairies...this latest one is for a friend of a friend. She decided to go with bright, fun colors and I think it's my favorite one I've made to date. They're used from everything from trashcans to fun ways to carry around dolls and barbies. And yes..I am available for hire.

And last for today we got to see another movie..this one the big Academy Award winner. No Country For Old Men...starring Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardeem and suprisingly..Woody Harrelson has a part.

It was a good movie..although honestly nothing sensational. I questioned why it was the big winner. At times..a bit gross..gross when I know even Scott is cringing and I am covering my eyes saying..tell me when it's done. This is of course from shootings..bullet wounds. The story revolves around a drug exchange gone bad. And an innocent man seeing his chance at grabbing some money and making a stupid mistake that causes his life to unravel. I'd give it a B. I think often this style movie can get repetitive..however I liked the cast and the pace of the movie.

So that's it for today..thankfully as I am writing this the rain has ended!


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  1. Oh my gosh, I am with you on the rain!!
    Thank goodness it's clearing up because the mud and muck around here is terrible!

    Didn't Easter just sneak up on us?! :0)


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