Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Cards!!!!!!!!!!

Wow..another busy weekend around the Sandvoss house! What's new!! Friday night we headed back to Lowe's and picked up the paint for the family room. Looked at some other neat stuff. We have a new Lowe's close to our house and wow..such a nice store.

Saturday got up and started on the painting. Much more work than painting the front room. Lots of detail painting going around bookcases and cabinets. Plus..the family room wall extends into the kitchen. So I enlisted Scott to help. I did the detail painting and edge work and he did the other. It took several hours to first coat but it looks good. Very different though. And right now everything look funny with all the window treatments down. I have to admit when I decided I wanted to repaint..I did not even think about all the windows. It's alot! A big bay window..72 inches across..two side windows next to that 36 inches. Then you move into the kitchen and the big slider onto the deck. That's another 80 inches and then the kitchen huge window. I am a bit boggled with all the window coverings and decisions about what to do. I did find some panels at Penny's I like. I want to go with a green. The walls are that soft Camel color shown here.

the paint is lighter than the swatch shows..but such a difference from the yellow venetian plaster we had. So here's one of the curtains I found that I'm going to check out..

then I need to figure out something for the patio/slider door. I'm looking at these bamboo panels..something like this..

I definitely was not thinking about everything when I decided to repaint. Alot of things to reconsider. Some will have to wait as it just isn't in the budget. But the paint already feels so much better. Funny though as I love everything in Pottery Barn and the last catalogs have had the yellow like my walls were and the green that my kitchen walls currently are! I guess I was ahead of the trend!LOL Although I now want the color in the accents and not the walls!LOL

I didn't get to any scrapping with all the painting. Although I did finish up my wall art project for the front room. And as soon as we hang them...9 12 b 12 canvasas that I covered in scrapbook papers, I will share a picture. I can't wait to see how it looks on the wall!

And for my movie followers..we watched Gone Baby Gone

with Casey Affleck and quite a good cast including Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris and his wife Amy Madigan. Directed and screenplay written by Ben Affleck. Good movie..suprise ending! I'll give it a B+. I liked the story, liked the characters and the ending really got me!

Last for today..a quick reminder about the Work in Progress kits on sale tomorrow! Here's another peek of a layout that showcases my guy having fun waterskiing!

Happy Monday to you..GO CARDS! Opening Day Game today!!!


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