Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Pat's To Ya!!!

Happy St. Pat's Day to you!! Are you wearing green today? I've got on a green and white striped tank with a green top over that. So I'm pinching for me today!

Another typical busy weekend that I won't break down again. Let's just say it's very similiar to the prior weekend except for the painting part. And speaking of's a look at the paint color I chose.

The second color..Drifting Dune was the choice. Very light..entirely different from the first color. And I like it. Once I finish my artwork project I will look even better. The bottom color, Camel, is what we're going to repaint the family room in. Since the two rooms open into one another I think this is a good plan. Plus they are cool tones which work with the kitchen cabinet and tile colors. I'm anxious to get ride of the yellow! I've looked at it for 6 years..long enough!

I was given good news and a thumbs up on the project I created for Home & Heart's August issue. They asked if I would work up a set along with wanting a Halloween project of mine. It felt good today to get it all boxed up and out..checked that off my list!

Oh and Annabelle tagged me...I'm to post 7 Random Facts about Myself..gee..are you sure you want to know?!LOL

1)I can't stand when my feet are dirty. It makes me feel gross!

2)Mentioned this weekend..if I misplace or loose will bug me to no end until I find it! I mean really bug me!

3)I could live on Sonic Slushes, Snyder's Hard Preztels, Margaritas and that Tostito Spinach Dip for the rest of my life!!

4)To me there is nothing worse than a really bad headache! I would rather have a cold than a headache that hurts so bad you want to scream! Although you wouldn't because of said headache.

5)I have a really amazing memory..photographic possibly when it comes to driving places, going somewhere. Really good sense of direction and all that!

6)I live for spring and summer..sunshine..beautiful days. Sitting outside reading a good book drinking a slush. Awesome!

7)I love cars! Yes..I am a car nut and will always be! Sadly my taste is much richer than I can currently afford. However I can look, dream and admire. And I do! I'm all about an amazing car. This one is on my wish list! A Ferrari F430..the same car driven in the newer Miami Vice movie! How can you not like this?!

And I mentioned a card I made..I realized lately I have a tendency toward making "hi" or hello cards. Hmm..odd! Here's my newest one.. it's based on Sketch This Card sketch #43..

Lastly I must share! We've been talking about Austin Powers Goldmember. We quote alot of movie lines from it. Yesterday while on the treadmill I popped it in to watch. And it's crazy how you think given you've seen the scenes..that you can't possbily laugh again over it. But once again I proved that theory wrong. It all starts with Austin telling Mini that someone has to get one someone's shoulders. And out comes Mini's little legs. That starts the laughing. Can I just say the apple juice part and when he goes to hand the guy the cup and pats his face...hysterical! If you need a you go! (you can pause the musicplayer on the right to hear the video)

That's it for today..have a great day!



  1. Well, I KNEW about the cars! ;)

    You know, we haven't had a good car conversation in a while...


  2. Beautiful card, neat facts! Love the color you picked. :)

  3. Love your colors!!! And I'm a big fan of Margaritas too. Cute card. ;)


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