Monday, March 03, 2008


It's Monday! It's not a really fun Monday either! I mean how can it be when yesterday it was 78 degrees. I painted the front room in shorts and a tank top! I had on flip flops! Today..30 degrees and dropping. Sleeting. Snow predicted! Overcast. Gross.

I'm flat out tired of it! Nasty stuff! And the havoc it creates when you pull out your warm weather clothes only to the very next day get the flannel pj pants and heavy layers back out. What on earth is the deal?!

And yes.. did paint yesterday. It seemed to take forever since it was just me doing it. I'm not sure I like it. I've created a monster really. I need to second coat it..but not I'm rethinking whether to do that or find a different color. I'm just not happy with it. And it's hard to tell I know as the curtains are down, the artwork, mirrors and everything are off the walls. But I'm not feeling it. Did I say that already? I of course mention this to Scott and he flips out and tells me he doesn't want to hear it. I have to live with it. No I don't I say to myself. Paint is the most inexpensive tool to decorate with. And well if this isn't the right color..than back to the store for something else. I hate that I get this way and that I am so fussy about color. Is anyone else like this? Anyone have any great suggestions for a soft, tan taupey color that isn't too warm? Needs to be more of a cooler than warmer color. Or I think. I think this one is too warm. But I bet once I get everything back wouldn't be too bad.

The biggest problem stems from that now my coffee table, end table and sideboard are too light. They are that creamy, yellowish white wash. Too light! We're going to restain them. And maybe just doing that would be enough. UUGHH

Okay onto another topic..dinner out! We went out with our friends Saturday night to a mexican spot by our house. Had a BIG strawberry margarita. We were all laughing, have such a good time. That tequila definitely helped make everything funnier. But it was such fun and so nice to go, relax, take our time eating, talking and just be.

So that's it for today..nothing too exciting to share..paint dilemna on the brain. And some new layouts I am working on!

I'll leave you with a card I made using the new Paper Salon release! New alphabet stamps and Glad Rags paper.

I'll ttys!



  1. LOVE yoaur header, too!!! Awesome colors. ;) Great project. Love how you used the new stamps!


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