Monday, March 10, 2008

My Life..

if there was any doubt to how busy life can be for's a quick post to lay out the exciting details of my life since the last post!

Thursday 6:30am - babies start arriving..turned out to be one of the worst days I have had in a long time with the little ones. Everyone was behaving badly, not listening, destroying the house and in general creating havoc!

Thursday 4:30pm - babies leave. Haley, Parker and myself immediately leave to pick up Rebecca for dance carpool. Drop them off. Parker and I head to Lowe's to pick out a new paint color. Scott calls. Says to stop off for an item or two for dinner. Leave Lowe's go to Schnucks only to find that location that I don't frequent is closed. Head to Walgreens in mad state as traffic is insane and don't want to drag it out any longer.

Thursday 6:15pm - arrive home. Sit Parker down to do homework. Shove dinner down. Finish homework. Haley arrives home.

Thursday 7:15pm - leave with Haley to go to school for her Talent Show. Not a huge deal but she is in the final act with all the other 5th grade girls who signed up.

Thursday 9:15 pm - arrive home. Get Parker ready for bed. Put away laundry left out.

Thursday 10:30pm - go to bed because this horrible, long day must end!

Friday 6:30am - Start all over with babies, getting kids out the door for school..busy non stop day.

Friday 5:00pm - head to Scott's clients house to take apart weight system being given to us. Lug horrible, heavy, heavy, heavy, weight system aparatus to car. Unable to get actual weights home as they weigh 550 pounds and Scott and I cannot lift. Must go back this coming week and take that apart.

Friday 7:00pm - head to McDonald's to rent movies for weekend

Friday 7:30pm - arrive home..tired, has been ordered

Friday 8pm - eat! Drink! Have a lovely little talk with Scott that definitely shows men are from Mars..we definitely don't see eye to eye on this topic I so stupidly chose to bring up concerning said client.

Friday 9:20pm - Scott falls asleep 10 minutes into the movie. Turn off. Turn on another movie. I fall alseep.

Friday 11:30pm - Wake up on couch, drag self up to bed.

Saturday 6:00am - (yes my day off) Wake up to Scott snoring VERY loudly!

Saturday 7:00am - Give up on extra sleep and get up.

Saturday 8:00am - Start repainting front room.

Saturday 11:15am - Time to remove HUGE, heavy weight aparatus from car as cannot drive around with huge thing in it! And Scott wouldn't do it Friday night.

Saturday 11:45 - Go shower!

Saturday 12:30pm - Leave to run errands in search of supplies for magazine requested project.

Saturday 4:30 pm - Arrive home after going to 5 stores and a grocery store(madness) to pick up a chicken for Scott for dinner.

Saturday 5:00pm - Haley asked to be driven to friends house.

Saturday 5:20pm - After dropping Haley off head to Office Max as they have an item I need for magazine project.

Saturday 6pm - Start going through items and organizing a plan for magazine project.

Saturday 6:30pm - dinner..YUM Chicken and Dumplins..Scott did good!

Saturday 7:15pm - Haley called asking to sleepover and would I bring her clothes to her.

Saturday 7:30pm - Drive clothes to Haley's friends house

Saturday 8:15pm - Finally finally sit down after a non-stop day and watch movie that was attemped on Friday night. Michael Clayton. Good! B++

Saturday 11:30pm - Go up to room as Connor and friend who is sleeping over kick us out of basement since they want to sleep down there.

Sunday 6:15am - Wake up once again to Scott snoring loudly, to a headache and realization that I lost an hour with Daylight Savings and it's already 7:15 and I can't fall back asleep.

Sunday 7:00am - Once again give up..lay in bed a few minutes listening to Parker sing cute songs in his room while he is playing.

Sunday 8:00am - Here I go again..the start of the 2nd coat of paint..

Sunday 11am - Haley calls as told..says she can't possibly be picked up now (Scott leaving to work). Work out ride home solution as I am still painting.

Sunday 11:15am - Make Parker his umpteeth snack of the morning and answer the phone for another time.

Sunday 11:30am - Call Scott to inform I have run out of paint and can't believe I am not done. Will he pick up today as must finish!

Sunday Noon - Friend calls who has been in the hospital. Talk and get caught up on her while folding laundry the entire call.

Sunday 1pm - Remind Connor and friend ..that 24 hours have gone by. Time to call it a day and go home.

Sunday 1:15pm - Start another load of laundry. Another phone call for kids.

Sunday 2:00pm - Finally start on some of magazine project. Haley asks millions of questions regarding life...from where an envelope from Xmas is!!! To do I know Connor didn't shower today stopping every brain thought I can conjure up.

Sunday 2:30pm - Haley needs batteries.(anything so I might have a moment to form a thought to work on this project!) Could I call Dad and ask him to pick up at hardware store.

Sunday 3pm - Scott calls to get paint color and see what else I need.

Sunday 3:30pm - Friend calls again with more info on her hospital visit and such.

Sunday 4pm - Scott home with paint. Stop working on project. Go finish painting room

Sunday 5:45pm - Painting done!!

Sunday 6:15pm - Finally done cleaning tray, brushes, roller and packing up drop clothes and all supplies.

Sunday 6:30pm - Start putting furniture back, toys etc.

Sunday 7pm - About get sick when realize it's 7pm..Parker has homework, kids need showers and I just want to sit!

Sunday 7:30pm - late taco dinner

Sunday 8pm - watch a bit of Oprah's Big Give

Sunday 8:30pm - realize Parker MUST get into shower

Sunday 9pm - Parker out of shower, folded clothes now put away in his room and he's ready for bed.

Sunday 9:15pm - Go tell Haley and Connor goodnight

Sunday 9:20pm - Go back downstairs. Finish watching The Big Give and watch a little of Miami Vice

Sunday 10:15pm - Tell Scott getting sleepy..going up to bed.

Sunday 10:25pm - Scott comes up too..turns on TV..good HGTV show..suddenly wide awake! Stay up another stupid hour watching show I got sucked into.

Monday 6:10am - Wake up wondering where on earth my weekend went and why I am so tired!

Does this weekend sound familiar to anyone else??????????????????????? and this weekend doesn't even include any time on my treadmill or outside walking as the painting was enough! That would be another 30-45 minutes to add on of activity!LOL


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