Saturday, March 01, 2008

One Word..Adorable!

Yep..that's to me the perfect word to describe these photos of a definite puppy Peso! (and a cute Connor too)So here's a new one for ScrapJazz/ using the highlighted Technique Tuesday products of their "Tiles" and stamps.

And guess what poster is in the house? Here's a hint?

"Don't you want a taste of the glory" and "Chancho"

Yes..none other than Nacho Libre! Even Scott was excited when the mail came and he realized what poster was in the tube! It's going up tomorrow! We've turned into such a Jack Black family and love him in this movie. Even Parker knows the words to it and some of the songs too! Very funny conversation at the dinner table in our house!

And I am painting tomorrow! I'm changing our front room and family room. Most likely to the same color as I am tired of all the colors. Never thought I'd say that. I might paint the family room since it opens off the living room one shade lighter than the front room. But for now..front room first. It's a taupey-tan. Here's a pic of it in someone else's house to give you an idea of the color.

So that's to do list this weekend is HUGE and I'm off to try to make a dent in it!

Happy Saturday!


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  1. Hope you got all your work done Julia! Nice color for the walls. I have that in my kitchen along with a barn red wall.
    Love NACHO Libre, my kids watch this all the time.


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