Friday, March 14, 2008

Picture Friday

Time for sharing some pictures since I haven't had much scrapbook time. Design work yes. Projects to share...sorry no. But soon..I hope!

So to fill in some adorable pictures I took this week. We have had some amazing weather days. The kids drug out all the Playhuts and Parker played guard while the girls were inside.

And check out the lips on this one! And his chin..very funny!

Haley particpated in a talent show at her school. She did not do a dance with her friends..and I'm glad regarding one after seeing the dance. Gesh. But she did participate with some of the other 5th grade girls. Not all the girls did. It would have been neat if that would have happened. I had seen a practice of the dance..but wanted to wait to see it all at the performance. Sadly she was behind a girl or two and they really never changed positions making it hard to take a decent photo of her. Here's a little snippet of the dance itself..

and here's a picture I caught..very hard with all the bouncing!LOL

So that's it for today..check back tomorrow..I've got a new card to share and my friend Annabelle tagged my answers will be posted then!


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