Thursday, March 27, 2008

RAK Winner & Work In Progress Kits

Hi and thanks to everyone who stopped by and to those who did take the time to leave a note! I asked my cutie Parker to give me a number and he said "4". Danielle..that you!! I'll send you an IM over at Create My Keepsake to get your information. Thanks again!

I was asked if I could share some info on the articles in the magazine and also a further peek at my recipe book. Here's the recipe book..

I used a Bo Bunny 6 by 6 Bare Naked Binder. I wrapped the chipboard cover with the Bo Bunny Pep Rally paper inside and out. And when I say wrap..yes..I literally folded the paper around it like you would a present. Then I cut another paper on the inside to cover up the folds. Please ingore the back cover. I snapped this pic before the back was covered as well. But they are both wrapped the same.

I actually included two if you'd like to see that page(as it is not shown in the magazine) leave me a comment and I'll get a pic of it posted too.

As far as artciels..this is not that type of magazine. It's a beautiful idea filled magazine. It offers party ideas for everything imaginable with recipes and things such as that. So no articles on what trimmers are best, what new products are out. It's almost to me a coffee table idea book for parties..only in a magazine. Make sense?

On a different topic..I am excited ...really excited to say I was asked to Guest Design for the Work in Progress monthly kit club!

Thank you again Trish! And I'll be sharing my work for their April Kit! Which you must's filled with my favorite..Scenic Route! Trish posted a peek of the kits on her blog...check the March 14th post..

Here's a pic of the April Project Kit I worked with..which was an amazing kit!

and also a little sneak of one of my projects..

If you check back on April 1st..I'll show all the projects I made! Do check into getting a kit as it was seriously one of the best I have worked with!

That's it for today..congrats again to Danielle!!


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  1. Congrats to Danielle, now that you have teased us with how great this publication is we will have to go out and find it for ourselves.


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