Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Well we definitely had snow! At least 10 inches. And according to the paper..this season we've had the most snow since 1993! I agree. Although the kids would like more. But when we explained that each day they have a snow day..they add another day onto their school year. Then they said..okay..we've had enough too!

I caught just a couple pictures of the kids. Here's some of Parker..he was such a helper and cleared a good deal of the driveway all on his own! He likes to shovel! How funny is that! I got him his own shovel that is a kids size and he loves it!

And I caught him doing what he loves to snow! I thought this was cute of him trying to catch some snow on his tongue!!

And here's a shot from my front door during the midst of it all...

I'm very happy to see the sun out today which I am sure will help melt off the streets and clear the way for me to go to Lowe's! Yes..I'm changing the paint color. I went online and looked at all the Martha Stewart colors and found several I love. I knew I should have gone with a Martha color. Our whole house is practically all her paint and I've been really pleased. And I've already told Scott I don't like it and I'll repaint. Now to make sure this next color is the right one! I think that room is cursed to begin with. When we moved in the former owners had put up a wallpaper border around the room and down all the corners! And never painted it since they had moved in..oh 14 or so years before! The wallpaper was the worst ever to remove and the walls were so dry I had to prime them before painting. It just sucks up the paint in there. Then I painted wall one color..the other three another. Wound up hating the color wall that was different and repainting it. I never really liked that color as it was peachy. And now this time I don't like it. So silly..but I'm all about color!

And last..we finally got to watch American Gangster.

What can I was okay. It was long, a bit drawn out at times, more than enough scenes of drug users and naked women bagging drugs..which I can do without both!!! I liked Russell Crowe and well I liked Denzel even though his character wasn't the good guy. I'd give it a B-/C+. I've seen drug movies before and they're really not my cup of tea. The story line wasn't the easiest to always follow and Armand Assante was very hard to understand with his accent.

I vote next weekend for Becoming Jane!LOL

Snow laden,



  1. Looks awesome!!!! Parker is adorable. Love the shot of him eating the snow. :)

  2. I want to come for about 5 minutes! Well, maybe an hour or two, I just don't like cold but the look of a snow covered world is so amazing!

  3. I felt the same way about American husband was enthusiastic, so I tried, but...
    We did watch Becoming Jane last night and LOVED it. Can't wait to see what you think :)

  4. Love that puppy lo below and oh cool are your snow photos!! We still have a good 2 foot left so I hear ya on wanting sun. ;0)

  5. you can keep that snow, we had enough already also! Cute photos of Parker. How sweet he loves to shovel, tell him to keep it up and maybe he can get his own snowblower LOL


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