Friday, April 11, 2008

Bruises, Concerts and the Pursuit of HappYness got it right! Bruises, Concerts and yes..the Pursuit of HappYness is what's on my mind! First up..the constant reminder of my slipping on the running board of my car last weekend when getting out at the restuarant. This is what my lovely arm looks like. And it's my right even as I type this I am pushing on those very painful bruises. It looks awful and honestly..doesn't feel much better. That shows just how hard I swung my arm out and it hit the car when I slipped. Neat huh?

Concerts..yep! That is the All District Music Concert. We attended Haley's last night and I have to say I am disapointed. Not in the performance as the Elementary kids were amazing and I have proof. But in the fact that after all the practices and such they sang 2 songs. Yes 2! We gathered for 3 dances done by the Morris team..which is alright. Doesn't grab me. Then 2 songs by the Elementary school choir(5th graders) and 2 songs by the Middle School choir. And that is it. We paid I believe $15 for an unattractive burgandy polo shirt with a logo on it for 2 songs! I feel like calling and complaining. Why on earth could they just not have asked the kids to all wear white shirts instead of asking parents to spend money on a shirt that will never be worn again much less was worn for just 2 songs. Tell me..would that bug you? In spite of that..Haley did a great job and here's a link to a video of her first song.

And last..the Pursuit of HappYness. Yes..with a Y. And why you ask? Because it's a new way of doing way to inspire and offer ideas, challenges and more. That is..the Pursuit of HappYness is a new blog created by the group of designers formerly apart of Paper Salon. Unfortunately we all recently found out some big changes were happening with the company and changes that meant the ceasing of the design team.

See here:

I was so upset to learn this as I have been on the team for 2 years and just could not imagine not being apart of it. Some of the gals were on for 3 years. I consider my fellow designers to be my good friends and friends who I did not want to part company with! Thankfully I was not alone in my thoughts and we have all come together to create a new plan, a new blog...a new Pursuit of HappYness if you will. I hope you'll click

and take a peek at the new blog. We'll be sharing, offering up challenges and lots more. But most importantly..we'll all still be together hopefully still providing inspiration to our fellow crafters!! So peek in often!

See you there!!


  1. Ouch, that looks painful!
    Sorry about Paper Salon.
    I know how much you loved that team.

  2. Oww!!! Hope your bruise feels better soon. I feel your pain. I tripped on Ryan's scooter the other day and did some major damage to my leg. Anyway, so excited to continue the journey with you over at POC! ;)


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