Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's a Bit Crazy...

that is life is a bit crazy. We're at the point in the school year with what seems like endless meetings, performances, appointments, practices, paperwork, money to be dolled's just a bit crazy really! I've been feeling the effects of kids going here and there and non stop running on top of just life. I don't know how other families do it who haven children playing sports and such year round.

The big news this week..Haley is trying out for her middle school cheerleading squad. This is a BIG deal! I've given her tips, advice..told her what I know from all the cheering I did..and can only wish her the best. I know she'll do great..I just hate that they all won't make it on. There's always someone left behind..that I know won't feel good.

I have not been scrapping much at all. I finished up a BIG project that was on a crazy deadline and have since given myself a few days off. Sometimes it's just just's needed to find that creative spark again.

I have gotten a few cards made. I dug through my supplies..I wanted to find things that I've had a while that have long been forgotten. I found some! They are these cool stickers called Tile's Play. Remember those? Circles and squares in different colors and shades. Well I used some cute Pebbles in My Pocket papers and combined that with Bo Bunny rubons and the Tile's Play circle stickers..and you've got one cute card for a young boy! Not always a topic I keep in mind and should given Parker's age and his friends!

I'll be back soon..more stories to share and definitely more craft projects.

One more thing..I think David Cook on AIdol ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go DAVID COOK!lol


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  1. I hear ya on the crazy schedule with these kids! They wait until the last few weeks to cram everything into the remaining school days! lol Loving your card with the old "Tiles play"- definitely remember those! Way to use up the OLD stash! Oh ya.. David Cook does rock! He's another Chris Daughtry, ferrrr sure! :-)


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