Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh How I Love Johnny Depp! I do! It's true..there's no denying it..I love Johnny Depp! The man is talented from head to toe and is oh so cute! Even better with a little eye liner too. I still remember watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

and thinking how cute he was and really he wasn't very well known then. Neither was Leonardo DiCaprio and look at him now! And well there's another BIG cutie! The point of this going on is that I got to watch Sweeney Todd!

and I liked it..really liked it! I loved the actors, the songs, the whole thing. Didn't hurt one bit that three of the actors were all in Harry Potter movies and can you not love Snape..I mean Judge Turpin! There's just something about Alan Rickman! Funny as Scott didn't watch it the first time. Gave up after 20 minutes or so claiming too much singing. Although he did watch it the next night and agreed that he did like the movie and the songs! Funny! I watched it all the way through and I liked it. The singing was just right to me and I also liked the songs ALOT! They tend to stick in your head and some were funny too. Like "A Little Priest"..funny!

You can hear snippets of the songs here:

"Pirelli's Miracle Elixer" was a good one too. But I think my fave was "Not While I'm Around". I knew I knew this song..and realized Barbra Streisand sang this. Does anyone know..the origin of it? Was it through Sweeney Todd and then she sang it? Regardless..great song and the young boy who sang it was great! So because of all the great songs and A- for me! A little bloody at times but for some reason it didn't gross me out.

Last bit of the day..the new April/May PaperTrends should be out! I just got my copies yesterday and what a great issue!!

My Smartie Teacher Candy Jar is apart of the issue along with some great projects by my friends Sherry Wright, Melissa Phillips, Annabelle O'Malley, Linda Beeson and many many more!!You can find it at your local Michael's and scrapbook and craft stores or here:

That's it for today..working on some last minute tight turnaround projects.

I'll be back soon,



  1. Mr. Depp sure is yummy, we just got Sweeney Todd from Netflix and hope to watch this weekend. My PT just came today will be checking it out soon. AND I found a copy of Home & Heart your Family Reunion set is **AMAZING**!

  2. OOO I want to see Sweeney Todd. It looked a little odd for my taste but you've sparked my interest. He is soooo easy on the eyes LOL
    Can't wait to get my copy of PT. All you fab ladies in there...gotta see! smooches!


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