Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey Mr. Sunshine...

...please come out in St. Louis! OMG..what a start to spring we've had here! Definitely more rain and overcast days then sunny days. And I live off sunny this is just miserable to me! Thankfully the weekend forecast calls for warmer weather and yes...sun!

Not many exciting things to report on these week as school is winding down and we're getting down to the nitty gritty as Nacho Libre that! The kids have 5 more days left until freedom! Haley had her 5th Grade ceremony today. Scott went..nothing terribly exciting. The exciting part is what follows..their 5th grade party. All sorts of fun stuff. I still can't believe next year she'll be in middle school!!!

I did want to show a very quick and easy gift idea I made for my cousin's little ones who were baptized last weekend.

I used an accordian album that I filled with the new Paper Salon Rejoice papers and stamps. A very quick and easy project and something the Mom's really liked for a keepsake for the photos for the day and any momentos too!

Finally got to step into the world of those who have now seen the movie Juno!

After hearing everyone's rave reviews I knew I had to see it. I think this movie to me falls along the lines of a Napolean Dynamite..meaning I need to watch it more than once. And without Haley too. She asked to watch it and told us her friends had..named names so I knew who. I still wound up being a bit uncomfortable with some of the scenes, language and the theme presented..young girl deciding what to do about pregnancy/having sex. I think had her friends not seen it..I would not have let her. Not that it was a bad movie..just maybe a little mature for her..a little too real. Still I liked it..Ellen Page was great. Love the line..he's the cheese to my macaroni. Cute..I'd give it a B..possibly B+..need to watch again.

Up next is the Golden Compass which I am looking forward to now that I've read the entire series..should be good in the magical Harry Potter kind of good. We'll see!

So that's it..look for more work to come as I took a few days off after the Mom's Day blast of things! Working on getting ready for our annual garage sale too!

Last..go David Cook!!! Man I love this guy and Scott and I can't say enough..I'd BUY HIS ALBUM!! I would I so would! I even want a David Cook tshirt too!

Happy Weekend,


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  1. Super cute accordian card, love all your cards below as well. Glad you're getting some sunshine. :0)


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