Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Officially a Mom to a Teenager!

I still can't believe it but today Connor is 13!

My first born cutie has officially become a teenager. I'm not sure I am really ready to accept that he is no longer my little guy..that he's closer to becoming a young man now than I realized. Gone are the days of playing with his trains, trains and more trains. Now he's onto designing digital cartoon animations, playing with his new Xbox 360 and hanging out with his friends.

It wouldn't be a birthday though if I didn't take a small trip down memory lane. Given this is such a big birthday..I decided to go back to the days when he was little..I miss that! Here's my sweetie! (to see larger..click on the pics and use your back arrow to return to the blog)

How cute is this kid!!?

Celebrating his 1st Birthday!

I had this costume made for him by my High School Home Ec teacher. All three kids wore it! He of course was so cute!

Pictures from Connor's 4th and Haley's 2nd party.

Connor's 5th birthday..
Little baseball player!

and now...last day of school on Friday..

this weekend at a carnival..

and last night getting his presents..

He's an amazing kid! So smart and talented! Loves the color orange, very artistic, developing his own style, almost ready to use a razor(OMG!), likes girls..and girls with long hair that are smart..according to him, gets along great with Haley, still doesn't care for his little brother, can be very helpful when asked..and is just a great kid!

Happy 13th Birthday Connor!




  1. Happy Birthday, Connor!!!
    What a handsome young man he is. ;)
    Hope the teenage years are easy ones for you, Julia!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Connor! Loved the journey in the photos. What a handsome young man you have!

  3. What a cute little "picture" tribute! He was and still is a pretty good looking fellow! Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

  4. Happy belated b-day Connor, what an adorable baby you were and handsome young dud! ;0)

  5. I know I'm late but... Happy Birthday Connor, 13 is a biggie!

    Loved all the photos Julia. Connor is still just as adorable too!


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