Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Use Your Stuff

You know I've been thinking about this more and more. The use your stuff before you buy more thing. It applies to many areas of my life. Not just with the one I think of often..scrapbooking. But also to your food, snacks, toys, clothes etc etc. I have been working on getting things out and together for our annual garage sale and this thought really comes to mind. The less is more theory really starts to ring through my head when I see all the silly things I am purging for the sale. Things that at one time I thought were important to have that now I see as a waste of money. Not very good. So I really need to try to focus more on the less is more. And use my supplies I have before seeking out more. It's such a burden we feel to always have the latest, newest..but in reality must we? I don't think we always do!

So along those lines of use your stuff..I had a small pile of papers lying on my table in my room and decided to work with those and nothing else. They weren't used together before but were just piled together after other projects with them were completed. I decided to challenge myself to use what I had literally right in front of me! Here's the card:

I used a really cute October Afternoon stamp and added the Amuse Art "A Little Birdie" stamp. Some Stickles and Perfect Pearls add touches of glitter to the bird and branch. My fun Fiskars Threading Water punch makes the adorable scallop edge and Bo Bunny papers and ribbon finish it off. Oh and the inside says.."that it's your birthday!" Simple, sweet and I used my stuff!!! Even better!

Since it seems I am often posting movie thoughts..I did get to watch The Golden Compass this weekend.

Let me first say that I did jump the gun and read the books before the movie. I realize now in doing that I've set myself up for a bit of disappointment. By doing that I've read all the wonderful details forgetting that most movies can never go as far as a book can. And I really enjoyed the books. I do realize that there are some issues regarding the topic..but to me..what book doesn't normally have a topic some might disagree with. It's a book. About the movie..I did like it..but it lacked so much info..that for Scott I had to fill him in on all sorts of things so that he understood why things were happening. They also changed the order around of some of the events which bugs me too. The ending left you hanging..Scott yelled out too aaahhh. He said it was like a Lord of the Rings ending..leaving you waiting for the next. And maybe so given there are three books. I guess it was just not quite as I hope..and well I'm not a huge fan of Nicole Kidman.'s a C+ for me. Maybe if Daniel Craig would have had a bigger part..I'd have thought it deserving of a B-!LOL

Last today...a few weeks ago I kicked the gears going for my summer reading. Last summer I read almost 40 books I believe. I'll have to check as I kept the library receipts. But I've already read 5 with a really good one..John Grisham's "The Appeal" rising to the top as a great read! I so love him!

The next book I just started is the "Book of the Dead" by Patricia her too! Love that CSI type of style book and she does it well along with Kathy Reichs! Then next on the list..Eat, Pray Love and some other fun light books that I will share as I get to them! We'll see how many I can read this summer! I'm going for 50!

Happy Wednesday..American Idol Season Finale! Go David Cook..I think you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And are my Idol regardless of what happens tonight!



  1. Cute card Julia! I'm with you...I've been trying my hardest to use up what that I have. I always seem to be short on "generic" type cards during the year. So one of my summer goals is to make a whole bunch with older products. That way I have plenty on-hand! During the school year I always to be making a last minute card for something. I hate that!

    I'm adding your Grisham book to my summer list, thanks! Keith & I both love Patricia Cornwell and are big fans. She has a new one that just came out, so that's on my list too. I recently heard about a younger reader (I guess like Harry Potter?) series called Twilight. Have you read that one? I just picked it up from the library today and it's first on my summer read list!

    If you like CSI type books, have you read the Womens Mystery Club series from Patterson? Those are great too, I got Keith hooked on those.

    You'll have to keep sharing any others you find this summer. Since I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy them too!

  2. I need to use my stash, too! The problem is it just keeps growing!!! Ilove the colors and patterns you tied together on this card, Julia. The stamps are so cute!

  3. I hear yah! I have the same problem of buying stuff and more stuff and not using them. I've been going through my scrap pile for 6 months now and I have yet to put a dent to it!!

    Love your pretty card using scrap pieces! And, yah! David Cook won! Whoohoo!



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