Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cameras & Sex in the City

I bet that title got your attention didn't it? Well...let's start with the camera..because well there's much to say about Sex and The City!!

First...I've got a new pocket camera!! I've for some time now really wanted a small camera that you could just literally slip into your pocket. I wanted it to be a top notch camera..large screen, long digi zoom, high in the megapixels and be made by either Canon or Nikon. And well since I've had 3 Canon's now..it was time to step onto the Nikon train. Enter the Nikon S550...

Here's a little bit about it:

This stylish, ultra-compact model offers high resolution, a bright 2.5-inch LCD monitor and a 5x Nikkor zoom lens. Electronic VR Image Stabilization and extended light sensitivity settings up to ISO 2000 furnish sharper images, especially in low light conditions or when capturing moving subjects. Nikon's Face-Priority AF automatically finds and focuses on up to 12 faces within one frame. Smile mode automatically fires the shutter when the subject smiles and can provide a Blink Warning if the subject has blinked. In-Camera Red-Eye Fix automatically detects and corrects red eye. D-Lighting corrects excessive backlight or insufficient flash.

This little beauty has everything I wanted and the ability to let me know if someone in the photo blinked! Can you believe that!? I love it! It's slim, lightweight, 10 megapixel, easy to use and best of all...takes fantastic pictures. So this is my new best friend that will be going on the trip with us! I can't wait!!

And onto another way fun topic..Sex and the City Movie!!

I was looking so forward to hanging out with my sweet friend Deidre and getting to go see the movie.

That to me is a perfect date night! Thanks for going with me Deidre..it was so fun!

I told Deidre ahead of time I had kleenex with me just in case..well we needed them. I'll admit..I loved the movie! Loved it! It was just like watching an extended version of the show. It really felt like that to me. It seemed kind funny to be sitting in a theatre watching it when normally I would be at home on my couch. That part of watching it I missed. But that's the only thing as to me the movie did NOT disappoint! In fact I loved it so much I could have easily sat for another 2 1/2 hours reliving it. And I definitely would like to go see it again.

I don't want to give anything away..but I will say the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress

took my breath away and the part where Big is getting out of the limo to get Carrie and Charlotte looks at him and said no ..that's where I totally lost it! And well in the church when Carrie had to leave..wow! As far as funny..well it never disappoints and I really love Samantha! She's so darn funny and the fact that she only looked at Dante and didn't "touch" wow!!!! Charlotte..you win for the best IBS moment!!!!!!!!!OMG

It was so fun to watch and well I picked up Season One over the weekend to rewatch. I'm going to watch all the seasons all over to get my fill again. I actually forgot that Samantha hit on Big and he turned her down! Funny! I'm so glad we got to go and I definitely say in my book..

it's an A+++++.

So that's it for today..cameras and sex...definitely one potent combo!LOL Check back in tomorrow for some new cards I made..although that will definitely seem rather dull after today's topic!LOLOL



  1. sex and cameras. ok, paris hilton!

  2. YES, that's the exact moment in the movie where I lost it too!!! There was something about that look in
    Charlotte's face that just got me all choked up :)


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