Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday Haley!!

Here we go again with another's 11th Birthday!

I'm still trying to accept Connor is now a teenager and have to jump on board that Haley is moving right up there too! I want to share for her birthday today..some of the layouts I've made as I started scrapbooking right after having her. She was such a beautiful baby, beautiful little girl and well..she is oh so pretty now!

Newborn Baby Haley..

Oh so cute at Easter Haley..

Funny Haley........

You never know what she's going to do next Haley..

All Bundled Up Haley ...

One of her crazy outfits Haley..

Looking so pretty with her hair done Haley..

A very silly girl Haley..

A very Happy Haley...

Golden Haley...

Wonderful Haley...

Clown Haley...

Pretty Punk Haley...

Girly Haley...

and lastly...Sweet Haley..

I could easily go on and on..she's that kind of girl. I've been very fortunate to be her Mom. She had an extremely tough go for a while with the horrible asthma scare and experienced alot that kids should not. She's always been happy, bright, smiley, sunny..I think I can count on one hand the times I've seen her upset. Really! She's just not like that! She just bounces along..goes with the just Haley! She's a wonderful sister to her brothers..really close with Connor. Kind of a Mini-Mom with Haley. Just a Happy, Fun, Easy to Get along with kind of girl. We're so very lucky to have her!

Happy 11th Birthday Haley!

Love much,



  1. Happy birthday Haley!!! What a great post seeing how she has grown up. Haley, you are a beautiful girl and I hope you enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Haley!! I hope she had a perfect birthday! She sounds like a sweet girl, Julia! I bet it's got a LOT to do w/ youn being such a great mom!

  3. Hope she had a wonderful birthday, she's one gorgeous girl with a super sweet mom!

  4. Happy Birthday Haley. Loved the Hayley through the years, what a wonderful way to show her lovely life.

  5. Happy Birthday to Haley! Love seeing the sweet photos of her over the years. Beautiful pages!


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