Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life is a Blur

Do you ever feel like that? WOW! For me from the time the kids are out of school until is. There's so many things that happen in that timeframe and happen every year. Connor's, Birthday, Memorial Day, our annual garage sale, Haley's birthday, Haley's dance recital. You get's ALOT. So I'm so happy that it's done! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm beyond happy to say Haley did fantastic at her dance recital. I really love to watch her dance. Sometimes I wish she would consider the competition team just so I could see her dance more. But then the idea of the days and time and money involved..makes me realize she's probably smart not too. I did want to share a photo of here's one of the costumes she wore this year.

I loved that costume on her! Here's another shot of her with her flowers her Grandparents gave her. The roses were just beautiful!!

Then the very next night we had Haley's rollerskating birthday party and I must was alot of fun! Here's some of the group..

Yes..she got to invite boys!!! But everyone skated..including Connor

who actually skated the entire time and asked if we could go back! Scott did too..

caught him skating by me laughing..and of course we got some shots of the group on the rink..

got a cute one of Haley helping Parker..

and yes..Scott got one of me giving it a go!

I will say that after a few times around it does start to come back to you. We definitely had ALOT of fun and that was a really good choice for a birthday party!! I have to share a pic of her cookie cake as it was really cute!!

I am excited to say that in the midst of all this busyness...I was asked to design 3 new stickers for Bo Bunny for the upcoming CHA product release. Can I just say how excited I am and well...they turned out fantastic which a a compliment to the fantastic papers I worked with. I've got some other really excited news I'll be sharing soon! But I promise I'll be updating here much more as I always have lots to talk about!

I'll back back tomorrow to share on the new pocket camera I got and my thoughts on the Sex and the City movie!

Until then..I promise it won't be so long...


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