Friday, June 27, 2008

Loose Tooth

No..mine aren't loose thank goodness! But Parker has had a loose front tooth for quite some time. He has refused Scott's help getting the tooth out and because of this..gone around for a while with it loose..but not loose enough. He's turned down corn on the cob and other things that might make it wiggle and bother him. He has not wanted it to fall out for fear I guess of it hurting.'s out!LOL Wednesday while swimming I guess he bumped it and came in all upset because it was bleeding. I got Scott and you should have seen the look on Parker's face when he realized Dad was going to have to give it a bit of a pull. WOW..not a happy moment for him. But thankfully Scott did it quick(definitely not my cup of tea!) and Parker now has a HUGE HUGE gap on the front top row!

And would you believe that the loss of this tooth perfectly coincided with baseball picture night?! HA That's just how it works isn't it?!!

He still looks as cute as can be to me..tooth or no tooth!!

So what else is new you ask? Well I have some big news..but you'll have to wait until Monday for that. Just a has to do with Bo Bunny!! And I am so excited! Be sure to check in here Monday!! Oh and I said I'd share some cards I made. Here's one I made for a friend's daughter's High School Graduation party last weekend.

and here's for another friend's daughter..

Both cards used the Making Memories 5th Avenue Line, Bo Bunny Double Dot ribbon, Paper Salon Graduate stamps. And the second used the Fiskars Threading Water punch.

That's it for today..happy Friday to you!!!


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