Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Becoming Jane

Finally I have gotten to sit and watch this much anticipted movie! Becoming Jane!

For those not up on this's about Jane Austen. Or what we'd like to think Jane Austen was like or experienced. Given I absolutely, wholeheartedly love Jane Austen and have read and reread all of her books so many times I've seriously lost count..I couldn't wait. But somehow I've waited since March. And it was without a doubt for me entirely worth the wait.

I've often joked that I must have lived at this very time in a former life as I absolutely LOVE it! I'm pulled in in such a way...that maybe I was Jane! Or her sister! Or one of her very characters in Sense & Sensibility...Marianne. Or maybe I was Emma! I'd like to think so..but I definitely entertian my love for all things Jane by rereading the novels, watching all the PBS movies time and time again.

I loved the movie..loved could have kept on going and going. But sadly I know Jane did not live a long life..can you imagine had she all the amazing novels we'd have in addition! I loved Anne Hathaway as Jane and there's just something amazing about James McAvoy. He was wonderful in Atonement and I definitely have a thing for Scottish men and their amazing accents. He was the perfect love interest.

To deserves an A...I can't give any higher though. Why you ask? Because sadly the movie ended! And I was thrown back into reality and 2008!

Cheers to Jane Austen for being simply amazing and filling my mind with the most amazing novels!!!!!




  1. I'll have to add it to my netflix queue! :0)

  2. Oh Julia - we definitely are Kindred Spirits! I too am a "Jane" fan!! I love reading her timeless novels and adore watching movies based on them. Did you catch the new "Jane Austen Series" on PBS this spring - yummy!!


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