Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary to My Sweetie!

It's is our 16th Anniversary! I have to say there are some days it feels like just yesterday I walked down the aisle with him! And other days I can't believe all the things we've done and places we've gone! I wanted to share a few of my favorite wedding photos from yes..16 years ago!

Truly one of my favorites...why you ask?! Oh because my dress was very wide, full..that's a good word! So full it was really hard for Scott to walk side by side with me down the aisle after the ceremony! He at one point stepped on it and everyone was laughing at our faces.(I have this pic framed by my bed) So this pic is of him trying his best to walk with me...but not step on me!LOL

This picture..well it's even amazing it went off without a hitch! We were at the Botanical Gardens and in the Japanese Garden. They had a beautiful zig zag style bridge over the water. Well just imagine a bunch of very silly people all walking out on the bridge and the jokes about pushing one another in! AHAHH It was nuts..but truly a beautiful photo! Sorry for the blur..I took a photo of the pic and that's why it's light!

This picture is my favorite..I bet you can tell why! Although when the photographer asked me to sit on the bridge I think I looked at him like he was nuts! But Scott made sure my dress and I went nowhere!

And I just wanted to say a very special thanks to my parents for such a beautiful wedding day we had...yes 16 years ago!!

Two more things sure to pop over to the Bo Bunny Blog to see today's sneak peek and enter to win some new goodies!!!

And this week at the Pursuit of Craftyness we have been showcasing all things Bling!! If you click on the link on the right of my can see all the neat things we've made!

Happy Friday and Happy Anniversary to my Sweetie!



  1. Happy Anniversary to you!! Love the photos and I hope you get to enjoy some time together today!

  2. Aw, Julia... your wedding pics are just beautiful! Very sweet. Congratulations!

  3. LOVE these photos, Julia. You both look so sweet!!! Happy Anniversary.

  4. You both look amazing and Oh my goodness... could you and your daughter look anymore alike. I see it even more in these photos! Happy anniversary :0)

    Loving all the new Bo Bunny goodies as well!

  5. Happy anniversary!!!
    Beautiful wedding photos!
    I love that part of the Botanical Gardens. At first I thought you were at Tower grove park (where Mike and I had our photos taken :0)
    but then I saw that bridge!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a good night at the ballgame - I was rockin' out (I mean drooling) over David Cook at American Idol! It was a fantastic show - you would have loved it!

    Your wedding pics are beautiful - not a coincidence that your twin had her wedding pics at the Gardens as well!

    take care!

  7. Way too fun! LOVING that little sneak peek in your "yesterday"!

  8. What fun photos - where do the years go?!?! Happy 16th!! :o)


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