Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beachy Days and Happy Birthday Peso!

Guess where I was? Yep..the beach! The beautiful beaches of Florida's gulfside to be exact. And I didn't want to come back. Nope! Even tried talking Scott into picking up and moving. Well..maybe if I had won the lottery. I played..I thought how cool would it be to win the lottery while you're on vacation. No luck..maybe another time!

We had a fantastic time..10 days..beach, Busch Gardens, beach, Sea World, beach, beach, eating lots of seafood, beach, Adventure Island, beach..you get the idea! It was great! I am though a bit dissapointed in my pictures. Can't quite put my finger on why. Not sure if I tried to snap quick and move on and maybe I could of used a better setting for my little pocket camera. I'm just not overwhelmed with them. Most likely user error and just trying to take a quick pic versus posed pics. Some..were fantastic and you know..those will have to do.

Here's one of those I love!

and another

and one more...

these are just three of many. I haven't had time to sit down and properly go through and such. I'll be sharing many more as I have some time to go through them. I wish I would have taken more though now looking through but then I didn't want to spend my vacation with a camera in front of my face either. So it's good!

Last for today..it's Peso's 2nd birthday! I think we are truly the luckiest family to have a Boston Terrier like him! The kids missed him terrible on the trip and I did too! He's just a great, smart, loving dog and we're lucky to be his humans!

and he's great at playing Phase 10 too!

Happy Birthday Peso..you're the best!



  1. Aww Peso is just the cutest...Happy Birthday! We love to play phase 10 too, but Pippy has trouble holding the cards. :)

    Love the beach photos. Looks like beautiful weather to me and like your almost alone there on the beach with your family!

    You've been tagged by me, sorry, LOL! http://freshlemonblossoms.blogspot.com/2008/08/6-random-things.html

  2. LOVE THE PICTURES. Thanks for sharing with me!

  3. Happy b-day Peso. Glad you had such a great time.. love those photos! :0)

  4. Hey, those 3 are great pictures..if anything they are enough to define the great time you had!! Your dog has great taste in games...I love Phase 10!


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