Friday, August 22, 2008

DisStress Me Out!

Well I'm not really stressed or anything although I'll confess..I miss the beach something terrible! And I miss this great restaurant we went to twice called the Conch Republic. YUMMY! Take me back!! Here's two more pics from vacation.

I still have not gone through them..time is just not been a friend of mine this week!

Two things today!

Be sure to peek at the Bo Bunny Blog for some fun projects Shanna and myself made using the new DisStress Me Out stamps! Love them! I once again made a project with my recycling. I saved a cute sunflower seed jar and made a simple project that I left for Parker when he came home from school. Needless to say he loved it. Go take a peek!

My very sweet and talented friend Miki tagged me to share 6 random things about myself..I don't know that I'm very exciting..but here's mine:

1)I absolutely will not have unpainted toes..nope no way! I love color..lots of color! So my toes are always painted in fun, bright colors. Haley and I love to use the nail decals, little rhinestones..makes me smile to look down and see happy toes! And I also must always have a lipgloss or something on my mouth. ALWAYS!

2)I don't cook! Don't even really want to cook! I'll make desserts and cookies and such..but no meals..nothing. I just have no interest and Scott and just the most amazing cook ever so there's no desire to me to cook. Now I'll look up recipes and share those with Scott..that's a different story!

3)I think I'm too critical..that I notice or see too much. This can be a positive but also a negative. I see so many things that need to be fixed, cleaned, changed, moved, spots on clothes, hair out of place, fuzz on a shirt, dirt on the floor, get it right? I just sometimes wish I could turn that part of me off and just leave it. I tried on vacation. Sand everywhere on the floors, stuff piled around the room, wet glass spots on the glass tables(why on earth glass tables in the beach condo) but soon enough I couldn't stand walking around the condo with sand stuck to my feet. So I swept the floors, wiped the tables, straightened the room..but I tried to not fuss or think about it!LOL

4)I love anything and everything Jane Austen! My newest addiction..the Becoming Jane movie! I love it. I could sit and watch it again and again which is still how I feel about Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice. I reread the books all the time when I lack other new books to read. And speaking of reading..I have to read..always must have a new book to emerse my mind in. I could be swamped with more work and things to do than imaginable and I still want to read. It's just part of me!

5)I tend to wear tops that aren't a busy print. Solids and small designs. I feel funny in really busy I must combine it with a solid. If I show you my closet, besides everything hanging in rainbow color order..almost everything is a solid...but lots of color. Aqua is the one I own the most of along with green, pink and white funny enough. Oh and I love tops that are gradient in color like this..I have this one...much prettier colors in person!

6)I want to move close to the beach. I really do! Going on this last vacation really embedded that into my brain again. Talking to a Dad while waiting to ride a rollercoaster and his family all having season passes to the Busch Garden's parks and the DisneyWorld parks really got to me. The families I saw on the beach that just drove there for the day...I was envious of them and the options that they had..I want to move! And before the kids are too old and life has gone by. It's a dream but I tell you if I won the's a done deal! :-)

So that's it for me today! Thanks for tagging me Miki and thank you for the stamps! They're here and well you ROCK!!!!!!! I'll pass the tag along to any of my readers who would care to join in. If so..please post a comment and leave a link! Also..just a note..don't be shy to my readers!LOL I see I have readers but often few stop and say hi now and then! I promise..I don't bite!

Happy Friday,


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  1. Cute photos!!! Can't wait to see more. I love the beach, too. I know how you feel about wanting to be close. But... if you aren't right on the beach - it's super hot!!! At least you get "4 seasons". It's a trade off. I don't get 4 seasons and still don't have the beach here. :P


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