Monday, September 15, 2008

Soccer, Awards and Thank You's!!!

Let me just say that it's so hard to keep my blog up since I started blogging for Bo Bunny. At times I'll stop and think I've blogged only to realize that it's for the BB blog..and not mine. I'll try to update more...even if it's just a quick post!

First bit of news...I have a soccer player in the house!

And's Connor! I'm so happy...we're so happy and he is! It's been at least 5 years since he's played. And according to the other parents who watched him...he should never have stopped. He was just too hard on himself. Feeling like he was no good if he didn't get a goal and then some. But wow..he's really good! He's fun to watch and he's happy. Now if he could get a goal this season..that would be amazing!

We've enjoyed watching his first two games and have been amazed how well he's played given he's been out of the game for such a period of time. I will's fun to watch the older guys play!

I owe a big thank you too! The sweetest gal...Teri Anderson offered up an adorable pair of Cherry earrings she had made. (thanks to Melissa Phillips for passing this along) I was the lucky girl whose names she picked to receive them! They are so cute and I of course have promised to share them with Haley! How can I not share them! She of course wanted me to make her some more earrings after learning they were handmade. Here's a picture of the adorable earrings..this photo is from Teri's blog.

Thanks you so much Teri...we love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also owe another thanks to my sweet friend, Carole Janson! (do visit her blog to see her beautiful work!)

I have been tagged by Carole, and thank you so much for your comments...I feel lucky to have your friendship! :-) And I feel slightly awed to be chosen by thanks Carole!!

The rules for the award are -

(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.

(2) Link the person you received your award from.

(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

(4) Put links of those on yours.

(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated

Many of my friends have already been given this let's see! of our beautiful talents we found to showcase on Bo Bunny's You've Got Talent..and boy does she!

Emilie...she does not know me...but I love her work, heart her October Afternoon projects so much and just enjoy visiting!

Blackflipflops...another yummy blog! Love her work...go peek!

Bakerella.....oh so fun baking site!

Tara Whitney...huge sigh..I only wish I could be like her!

Shanna of the cutest gals with amazing designs!! Go and visit her blog!

Pickleberrypop...just a fun crafty site to visit!

And last..I am going to leave you with a new card I made for our showcase of the Splendor line for Bo Bunny!

Bo Bunny Double Dot Cardstock, Splendor Vines, Splendor Cut Outs, Double Dot Clover Ribbon, All Stuck Up Buttons, All Stuck Up Brads, Wrapped in Ribbon, Michael's Stamps

Do be sure to pop into the Bo Bunny blog this week! We'llbe sharing sneak peeks of our four new lines and giving away some goodies!

Until tomorrow,



  1. You are the sweetest Julia, and it was wonderful to see photos of your son playing soccer, good luck to him, I hope he has a ball, and that wasn't a joke LOL !!

    Take care Julia.

    BTW those earings are gorgeous, and I love the Splendor Card just so very pretty.

    Carole xx

  2. Girl!!! YOU ROCK!
    You made my day with your sweet comments.

    And did you notice my recent blog shout out to the new Bo Bunny craft knife? LOVING IT!!!

    Those cherry earrings are to die for. Where can I get me some?!!

  3. Love the new Bo bunny releases, your projects, and those earrings are awesome!!

  4. You are most welcome, Julia! I am glad you guys like them. :)
    Adorable card of your's. Polkies... awwwww, big sigh. :)

  5. Julia darling! Thank you so much for the award!! *hugshugs* Oh, what kind words - you make me blush!!


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