Monday, September 22, 2008

When It Rains....It Of Course Pours!!!!

I've now proven the theory that yes...when it pours. It definitely has been pouring buckets in my(our) life lately. It seems that I am in need of a good umbrella...or an amazing blast of strong winds to move the rain away. We have had so many silly things going on. It started with Connor's recently upgraded computer crashing..need a new hard drive. We told him he'd need to wait as we were quoted a price that was half of a new computer.

Then the day before our vacation..I hit my wedding ring on our bed and my diamond flew out. I was sick..sick over this. Then thought what if it would have happened on our the ocean, beach, amusement park. Uggh. Thankfully I found the diamond..but had no ring.

Then last week...while Connor was on my system crashed. I was immediately thinking I owed a big thanks to my friend Miki for recommending I backup my sytem. I had bought an external hard drive a bit back. Thankfully I did not lose 6 years of photos. Uggh We're still waiting to hear if my extended warranty (that we thought was up and was not) will cover whatever happened.

Then last night...while sitting and watching the very addictive new HBO show "True Blood"(btw...I love this new series!) we heard a small pop from the TV and the screen went black. Yep..the TV's lamp kit went out. This on a 3 year old TV that isn't even used daily or close to daily. Lovely! That part is of course not covered. I've asked Scott to please NOT buy any future TV's no matter how lovely they are ....big the screen...that may have a "bulb" to replace in the cost range of an appliance! UUgggh

So you see...I am desperately in need of a very LARGE umbrella!LOL On a good wedding ring is fixed. We had to pick out a new band. I decided to go with a white metal. Not realizing or thinking that by chosing the white would not look right or work with the actual wedding band. So I look like I'm wearing an enggagement ring..but it's very pretty. Just different after seeing the same ring on your hand for 17 years. I'll get to used to's nice to have my diamond back all sparkly too!

Speaking of sparkly..yesterday I wanted to scrapbook a bit. I know..and it wasn't for an assignment either. So I chose to work with the new Card Positioning sketch and here's my newest creation.

Sketch # 82

K & Company Julianna Stickers
Cosmo Crickett paper
Basic Grey paper
Liquid Pearls
Kaisercraft White Pearls
Making Memories Metal Charm
Michael's ribbon
Colorbox Chalk Inks

So that's it for sob story is out! I can only get better right...I think I'll go shopping for a pretty umbrella! That might just do the trick!

Until next time...a wet, soggy,



  1. I love that show. We just started watching it and it's wild! Hopefully you won't need your umbrella too much longer!

  2. Hang in there girl! Man, technology sure sucks some days. I can't believe the tv is toast now. ((HUGS)) I hope you can get the computers back up soon and I need to listen to my own advice & backup my stuff again!


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