Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spooky Stuff

To say we put up a few Halloween decorations

...might be an understatement. Based on the looks from the families I babysit for to the kids friends..we put up quite a bit. Or maybe quite a bit to the normal pumpkin or two!LOL

We love this holiday though..really! It's so fun..the colors, decorations, spiders, rats, bats, crows..yes..we've adopted an animal theme too this year.

Haley was the one who gave me the idea to take pictures of the Halloween decorations we put up around the house. So I walked around and snapped a few pics. I actually have alot more to take. Yes...alot! But this is a good start and a very fun way to remember how we decorated too. I think this was such a cute idea..that I'll do the same at Christmas time.

I have a new post up at the Pursuit of Craftyness Blog. I accomplished two tasks at once. I needed to work with Teresa Collins products for ScrapJazz and needed a post for POC. I thought..Halloween decor, Teresa Collins Halloween scrap's a win win..kind of like Twix candies...YUM! So..where was I? Candy?! No...layouts...

I would invite you to click the link on the left to go to the Pursuit of Craftyness blog to read how I made the layout. I loved working with the digital photo template! What an easy and cute way to use 5 yes 5 photos on a layout!!! Genuis! I'll be using ALOT more of them!

And I so want to share the photos and story behind Scott's suprise party. Buuut I am waiting on a few pictures from my Mom (hint hint) so that I can show the look on his face..let's just say he was totally suprised. I promise to share soon!

That's it for sure to share your favorite spooky stuff...I want to see!

Happy Haunting,


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  1. Loved that layout, very cool! Hope your Halloween was great!


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