Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're Having Fun Now....

Getting all the decorations out for Halloween! We've been putting up things it feels like each day. This year we've added just a couple little things. Nothing big. But everyone comments on how good it all looks. I'll post some pictures on Friday to share with all the decorations.

Monday on the Bo Bunny blog we shared some ideas for Home Decor. And yes..I made some! I had picked up this nightlight in Target's Dollar bin over the summer knowing I would use it at some point. Well that point is now!

TADA!!! One fun..easy but oh so spooky nightlight!

I like this picture.

See that kooky dude next to the nightlight. Well he sits next to it in the guest bathroom and well Parker does NOT like it at all! Everytime he goes in there it startles him. So now he turns it around to face the wall! Very funny! His eyes glows and flash and you can turn the sound on and he moves around. The other day Parker didn't realize I had turned it on and he went to use the bathroom and about jumped out of his skin!HAHHA

In addition to the nightlight..I made one of my Treat Buckets. It's actually the third Treat Bucket and about the 7th or 8th just decorated bucket. I do think this one is my favorite one!

You can see more of it and the other gals amazing projects on the Bo Bunny Blog! Click the link on the top left!

And I have to share this picture with's Haley on the left and a friend!

Haley was in the Haunted House at Parker's school Fall Festival. They called it the Dance of the Dead. She looked pretty gross I'll say that! They did an awesome job on the Haunted House too! I think she had alot of fun..I'll share more pics on Friday.

One last thing today..October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Today we have a post up at Bo Bunny sharing some cards and inviting you to join us...please take a moment to go there!

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  1. Love that nighlight with the bats glowing, Hailey looks pretty spooky. Great decorations. ;)


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