Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I can't even believe that I just typed that title. Thanksgiving?! How did November go by that fast? It's just a bit unreal to think that Thanksgiving is in 2 days! Which then means that Christmas is right around the corner. December being truly one of the busiest months! I'm also finding it a bit unreal as well that this weekend I'm going to pull out the 18 or more containers of holiday decorations!!? AAHH Don't get me wrong..I love the decorate and love my snowmen all around. But last year it seemed like it took an eternity to put it all out and then even longer to pack it up. UUGGH

Okay back to Thanksgiving as I have to share that yesterday I put up a new post on the Bo Bunny blog that shared ideas for Holiday Table Decor. And let me tell you if you haven't gotten to go to the blog...you must. The projects the gals made were stunning and well..I was a bit in awe. I participated in this assignment as well...and even though I really love my pumpkin..my table didn't look quite the same as Amber's beautifully set one did. It was so pretty!

Here's what I created...

I worked with one of those carvable pumpkins..although this one was a bit lopsided. The one I made previously was a perfect shape but this one..had a bit of personality to it. So rather than wrap the pumpkin and adhere the papers right onto it's every curve. I thought it would look pretty to just attach it to the top and bottom and wrap the paper around it. I first though created a template that I used for each strip.

I'm happy with how the set turned out and even better I now have a pretty table decoration for the holiday...that will be taken off on Saturday!LOL

Last on my mind today...I am really sad that the season of True Blood as come to an end. I've gotten to read all but one of the books and I'll admit..I love them. And love seeing the characters on TV which really brings them to life for me. I completely loved the HBO series that Alan Ball directed. I eagerly anticipated each show on Sunday nights! I'll really miss it though and will be counting the days down until next September when Season Two is on...

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Julia. Your centerpiece is awesome!!!


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