Monday, November 17, 2008

How About Some Jewelry?

My brain has been filled with jewelry lately. First the Lia Sophia party I had and all their beautiful and fun jewelry. Then to the glass pendants I have been busy making. I've seen many people selling them on Etsy and thought why can't I do them? Some of the designs I have seen, just don't appeal to I thought..I'll make some. Here's a link to my Etsy page:

The funny thing is when I started looking for designs for the jewelry I was inspired by some of my favorite movies or actors/actresses. The one above is aptly named Chocolat. Doesn't it just feel like the Johnny Depp/Juliet Binoche movie? Others in my store are 50 First Dates, Pretty In Pink and Love Actually. Each movie definitely makes me smile maybe that a good thing for jewelry too!

And then it perfectly tied in with my friend Kim. She just recently created a new website called STL Mommy. It's all about couponing, saving money, freebies, deal and more! She's doing an amazing job and for anyone in the St.Louis and surrounding's really a must go to site. The freebies and other deals though are great for anyone...anywhere! Today she posted a free code for I sent Scott out for the new Indiana Jones movie. We'll make sure the kids get their homework done early and have a family movie night for free! How nice is that. Thanks Kim!

The exciting news is that her website was found online at the local Channel 5 MomslikeMe website and they came out to interview her about her website. It's going to be shown on the Channel 5 news tonight on the 10pm newscast! So be sure to check that out tonight or go on their website tomorrow!

Here's a link to Kim's site: to see the new Bond movie and it definitely did not disappoint. I honestly like Daniel Craig as bond. He's a bit more gritty, handsome in a different way then Pierce was. Built fantastic...has amazing blue eyes and I love his accent too.

And anyone who knows me knows I have quite a thing for cars and especially anthing that starts with...Astin Martin. And guns aren't too bad either! I'd give it a B+!

Last be sure to check out the Bo Bunny Blog. Today's post showcases the Beautiful Life collection and I'll be drawing another winner from the comments from this week. Here's a sneak of the basket I made using the line...

That's it for today...



  1. Thanks! I'm just glad that I have such a talented friend! I'm also glad you got the movie too!!! :)


  2. I didn't know you had an etsy shop! I'm in love with your jewelry and they would make such great holiday gifts. Your going to do well with those! And I especially love how you've named cute and totally YOU!

    You asked what my secret was last week and I'm jumping on the etsy bandwagon too. Here in CA the paperwork to start your own business is insane but I think I'm done with all that now.

  3. Congrats on making the jewerly! I think it is neat how you name them after movies! I love the movie Chocolat

  4. Julia, look at you.. very cool!1 Love all the jewelry, I bought some of the stuff to make my own but haven't started. Love the new glasses. :0)

  5. Julia I love the jewelry, great idea!


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