Monday, November 10, 2008

I Miss My Blog...

I's true..I miss my blog. It's kind of like of friend you have only it's a one way conversation every time. I tell my blog about the books I read, movies I've watching, tv shows, what the kids are up to and even my crazy thoughts too!

So today it's time for an update.

I've been a reading fool. And don't ask me's always that way for me...even at my busiest..I read! I've been reading through the entire Sookie Stackhouse series..because I am head over heels WILD for the True Blood Series!WOHOO! Talk about an addictive series..and am I ever glad it's a series and not a movie..I keep wanting more and more..and thankfully each Sunday I get an hour of it!
Can I just say..Eric...


I'm one very hooked reader and watcher! Once I finish the Sookie books I'm going to try everything I can to get my hands on the Twilight books. Now that I am completely hooked on the sneaks of Edward..OMG Here we go again!LOL

Let's see..what else is going on..busy working on getting a jump on some Christmas gifts. I can't even believe I am saying that. But it's true. This year I am making more of my gifts so I know I need to plan a bit better than I have before. I'm making the glass pendant necklaces, photo coasters and calendars and more.

And is anyone as excited as I am about the new Bond movie coming out? Wowie...Daniel Craig! All this eye candy is making my eyes a bit wonky I'm afraid! Especially knowing that once again he's driving my Astin Martin! I tell you...if I ever win the can bet that car will be in my driveway! (along with a host of other fab cars!)

And with all this talk about wonky eyes..I finally got myself some new glasses. Two pairs to be exact as that was their promotion. I normally never wear glasses because I don't like mine. But now..I think I'll be wearing them more often!

So not..the best pic...gesh! But they're oh so fun...brown..with blondish streaks and tips of that on the sides..the girl said the same as my hair. I got a really fun little black pair too..I still prefer contact though!HA

One last thing...a new layout of the cute Parker using a brand new box of chalks the other day..

Love that layout of him...that it for today..I've got True Blood and Sookie books on the brain..



  1. Isn't True Blood great. We are hooked too. I didn't realize however that it was based on a book. Crazyness with shape shifters etc...


  2. So it seems we now have a vampire fetish in common, LOL!!! That is just too funny! You'll love the Twilight series and I'm waiting on book 6 of the Sookie series now. I debated on getting HBO just to see the series, but it will give us something to watch on DVD when it comes out.

    LOVE the new look fab girl!

  3. Finally broke down and bought Twilight today. I have been on a reading kick too. I stole them from my son I have read the first three Fablehaven books in the past couple of weeks.
    I will have to tell my husband that Bond is driving his favorite car again. My Dad is a huge Bond fan and even when we were little we would watch the movies with him, we always say we are "James Bonding"...LOL.

  4. Glasses look great! I love the layout of the chalk!

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