Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Whew...Halloween was Fun...

but now I'm glad it's done! I completely forgot just how exhausting the day is! We started off Thursday utitilizing the fantastic weather and carving the pumpkin outside. We had such a good pumpkin this year...but just one.

Scott, Parker and Haley headed out with a design I had seen online. Scott would not do any of the fancy ones as he claimed he'd be carving it until Christmas!

Parker wasn't sure about sticking his hands in...

We all thought it turned out verrryy coool!!!

Friday I helped at Parker's party. We watched the costume parade and then went in for the snacks and games. I made up a Ghost Bingo game that went over very well!

then we headed home to get ready for the night and I did Haley's makeup. Everyone thought she looked gross and amazing!

One more of the soldier..

And then we were off for a long night of trick or treating and bringing home what seemed about 10 pounds of candy...that I'm trying not to eat!

Hope you and your family had a great holiday too!



  1. Looks like a good time! Visting from OOTF

  2. OH gosh, they look adorable! Glad fun was had by all! :)


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