Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy December?

Really can it be? Can it really be just 23 days until Christmas? Surely that's not right!! However I know it's true...the facts cannot be ignored! That and our Snowman countdown decoration is up in the kitchen and the kids are more than happy to flip the numbers down to 0!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving..it went all too fast. Kept with our tradition and took the kids to see a movie. This year's choice...Bolt!

I have to admit...it was cute! Really cute and the kids, especially Parker, really liked it. I'd give it a two thumbs up!

We also finally got to watch Walle!

I'll admit..at first I was concerned it would not be good. After all there wasn't really any speaking or anything for quite a bit. But you know..how can you not love Walle and his collection of lighters and his rubix cube and that he likes Hello Dolly...that's the movie right? Parker loved it...although I do wish they had shown a bit more about what happened when they returned to Earth. I realize that was during the credits..but still..we wanted to know. We watched the short film and it was too cute too! So another good one..

I've been busy working working working! I've made some new necklace designs and am waiting for an order of some larger glass that I can't wait to work with! This is my current new favorite..it's named after one of my all time favorite movies ever....French Kiss!!

The orange and aqua...yummy! Like Kate & Luc and the French vineyard! I'm also getting ready for a big event next Monday. I'll share soon if you don't know...it's BIG!

It's short and sweet today...I'll leave you with a new layout I made for ScrapJazz using the adorable Imaginisce Snowy Jo line. Sorry for the photo..the glitter and chipboard made it bulky and messy!!

23 days and counting...



  1. I know what you mean about December! It came on fast!!
    Your necklaces are so pretty :0)

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new necklace!!! I can't wait for MONDAY!!!!


  3. love the necklace and your blog banner is DTF!! LOVE it! you'll have to share where you got the kit for it- cause I think I want some!

  4. I am NOT listening to your countdown to Christmas, so knock it off! :P We still need to see both of those movies, so glad to hear the good reviews. The hamster in Bolt look hilarious!

    Loving the new orange necklace...so pretty for this time of year. And I am so happy to know YOUR secret this time, LOL!!

  5. Julia, I tried to email you about St. Louis Handmade, but the email came back to me. Can you email me at stlhandmade (at) gmail?

  6. Hey Julia !! I miss Sugardumplin, stumbled upon you on Janas Pink Paislee page, how are you ?!?!?! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving :)



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