Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bedtime Stories....

It's time...time for a movie review! Although the kids and I saw the Tale of Despereaux over the Christmas holiday..and we enjoyed it. I have to say Bedtime Stories is by far my favorite movie (aside from Twilight) well and Quantum of Solace!LOL

Maybe I am easily entertained by Adam Sandler. I do love The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, 50 First Dates, Click, Mr. Deeds, Spanglish and on and on. Maybe I can relate to Adam and his love of all things 80' could you not love Amadeus and I almost didn't leave the theatre with Journey cranking out Don't Stop Believin! Really! But back to why I like Adam...other than he had a character named Julia...and Billy Idol...wait..I digress again.

Let's just say it..I like Adam. I like his movies. I laugh alot. Laughing is good. Bedtime stories was funny, cute, enjoyable, funny and made this family escape from the realities of life, school, reading, stress for a bit and have fun!

So I'm going to give Bedtime Stories a good ole Grade A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Adam...for once again making me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia Gulia...

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  1. I would have to agree with you there Julia I love Adam Sandlers movies as well, always get a laugh.

    Also great to see you went to see Twilight, that would have to be my fav at the moment.

    Carole xx


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