Monday, January 19, 2009

Bo Bunny Sneak Peeks Have Started

It's day one for the sneaks peeks of the new Bo Bunny lines and I must say....I LOVE this entire release. The entire release...did I say that..yes!

I've posted the sneak up for today and I bet you'll feel the same when you get a peek at Abbey Road....

and the new Pet Shop...which the papers are not all pet themed and actually are some of my faves...check out the plaid and the stripe and dots!!

I loved that I got to contribute and use my absolutely couldn't love him more, Peso, in a layout! Now he's famous as he should be don't you think? How cute is he?!!!

I also designed the Dog themed sticker for the collection too! You'll have to pop over to the blog to see it and the full release!

What else have I been up to you ask? Well for my St.Louis readers I've decided to go back to teaching. For Keeps Sake has asked if I'll come back and teach and I decided to say yes. I can't commit to a large class load due to all my other commitments (LOL...vast understatement) but I sincerely love to teach and of course will work with Bo Bunny.

I just finished creating my first class which will also double as one of the projects I'll show on Show Me St.Louis in February. Once I have an okay to go from For Keeps Sake...I'll post the pics and the class information! I hope to see you there!

That's it for now...finishing book four...Breaking Dawn of the Twilight series. I feel like my life, reading life, that is has been on hold since I started the series. It just sucks (sorry...bad pun!) you in and you have to keep reading reading until you know how everything has turned out. I'm almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pop in tomorrow for more sneaks and do visit the Bo Bunny Blog each day for a chance to win some of the yummy new goodies!


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