Thursday, January 08, 2009

Whew...we made it!

Although honestly to me the holidays this year just seemmed to go by at a crazy fast pace! I think given that Thanksgiving was later this year it seemed harder to get into the mood. Now don't laugh..I still have the big tree to take down! You'd think if I wasn't so into the mood that would all be done!LOL Scott told me he likes it so much we should leave the tree up year round. I told him if we did that it wouldn't feel so special when Christmas rolls around. I think he secretly cannot stand the thought of de-lighting the tree and taking it all apart knowing how long it took to put together!LOL

I've redone the'll notice a theme...snowmen! My favorites! What's nice is that I have a good collection of snowmen so even though the Christmas decorations come down..most of the snowmen stay out. Or at least for a bit until February. But with snowmen comes snow! And we need some to make the kids happy! All Parker has talked about is snow Mom...we need snow! I can't say I blame him...a fantastic snow, day off school...does sound awfully inviting! Then it should melt away quickly!

Here's a new layout using the Bo Bunny Winter Whisper line and my Frosty Days stickers. This line is just beautiful! The colors and patterns...make me want snow!

I used a Bo Bunny transparency for the Winter title. Cut out some of the snowflakes from the print paper and added some felt snowflakes I purchased at Michael's. Some touches of rhinestones and brads finishes it off! Do be sure to visit the Bo Bunny blog (link on the top left) to see more amazing ideas with this line!

I've also been wanting to share that I took the kids to see the Tale of Despereaux! We received gift cards to the movies (thanks Mom & Dad) and I took the kids on New Year's Day!

I have to was adorable! And beautiful to watch! I mean how can you not love a sweet little mouse like this!!! He was so cute and the kids really enjoyed the movie too! Haley got the jr novel of the book for Christmas and Parker got the deluxe book. Both books are so nice! Haley's already half way I guess Santa chose a good one!

That's it for today...Happy Thursday!


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  1. Love your LO Julia! I also love snowmen and they decorate my home...but I try to put them away by March - sometimes that's hard, especially if it is still snowing! (LOL)

    My son's teacher is reading Tale of Desp. to the class - they are almost done and next Friday a class field trip is to see the movie. I am hoping they go in the morning so I could chaperone before work - looks like such a cute movie!


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