Friday, February 20, 2009

Hotel for Dogs...

was cute! It didn't hurt that one of the main dogs was an adorable Boston Terrier named Georgia! She reminded us of the girl Haley wanted so badly when we chose Peso. She was tiny and cute as was Georgia in the movie. We went Monday on everyone's day off with the Grandpa & Grandma..thanks again! Surpisinly all three kids went to go see it! I have to say I still liked Bedtime Stories best..but this was cute. It didn't hurt that dogs were involved. All in all...another cute, family movie!

What were counting down to is not only Transformers 2...but Night at the Museum 2!!!!!!! WOHOO! They are at the Smithsonian this time and we seriously CANNOT wait! It comes out Memorial Day weekend and you can bet your bottom dollar we'll find a way to go see it! And also thinking this is going to be a definite poster I'll want to add to our collection.

Let's see what else is new you ask? It's been a busy week with Bo Bunny work..schedules, calendars, all the not so fun stuff but necessary stuff. I've been very very busy working on some Christmas crafts and projects to submit to the Paper Crafts call. So sorry..I can't show..I'd like to have some items chosen again. Although you you..given Christmas is's incredibly hard to sit down and work on those items right now. I'm much more enthused about spring! Which I hope is right around the corner.

Happy that Fool's Gold was out on cable this week. I need my Matthew McConaughey fix!
I realize it's not like watching Pride & Prejudice..but it's good to have some Matthew time. Plus I liked he and Kate Hudson together in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. So it was cute to see them together again. Scott wasn't too thrilled with it when I forced him to take me to see it at the theatre..but he willingly sat (I think) through it again!LOL

And I don't want to post without showing something I made. This was for the Bo Bunny Blog for Valentine Decor. Truthfully...I'll keep it out past Valentine's because I just like it! I have several paper flowers around the house but this one is my new favorite.

That's it for today..friends coming over to crop tonight and I've got more to do...Happy Friday!


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