Tuesday, March 24, 2009


yep..that's a completely accurate description of me lately. Really all the time but especially so right now so I'm afraid my blog took the hit. And I'm sorry for those that pop in that I've been less than chatty.

So what have I been up to you ask?

Well maybe you didn't ask but I'm going to tell you!

First... a very large jewelry order that I must have completed by this weekend. That has been weighing heavily and it really is the reason for alot of things I haven't gotten around to recently. I'll be so happy when it's complete.

Second...more jewelry orders from my Etsy store.

which then leads to the desire to retweek the store, retweek my name..retweek more more more!

Work...yep..I work two jobs...so those take up alot of time. Some days ALOT of time.

Straightening my scrap room. With all that work..comes design work and lately I feel like I just can't work with the mess around me. So I've been cleaning, purging, selling, cleaning...and it feels really good!

I've also been bugging Scott alot! We're in a no spending pattern with his job and all that goes along with that. Thankfully the market seems to be picking up so that's nice. But I've been asking and asking(his honey-do list is very LONG!) for a small ceiling fan and light in my scrap room. It gets so hot in there and the fan I've been using..it's not the smartest. Fan + glitter + paper...HELLO!

I was using a little kids fan that is on a stand but I had to make sure it didn't blow at the table I work at. Lovely. Along with that it is red, blue, orange and green. Oh yeah...that looked wonderful in a room with periwinkle walls, light soft green curtains and white accents. LOVELY! So thanks to my sweet honey..I have the cutest, teeny-tiny ceiling fan with lights. Hard to beat it for $30 at Lowe's. It's really little. Really little. Like a 30 inch fan plus 3 lights. But it's a small room and I didn't need a fan that would blow everything around..just cool me off. The poor guy had to wire the room up for it as there was no overhead lighting. Something weird about our house. We've gradually added ceiling fans and lights to the rooms..but the people before us lived here for over 14 years with no overhead lights in any of the room except the master bedroom. ODD!!

And and I received a blog award from my oh so sweet friend Miki! And I promise to post that award and info tomorrow! I promise! Thanks again Miki..I can't tell you how much that means to me!

So that's it for today! Oh..wait...we watched Baby Mama!

Another library rental..I love my library. We pop in once a week for books, DVD's and Xbox games. It's truly the best!!

The movie was cute...not crazy funny like I expected. I like Greg Kinnear so I was pleasantly suprised when he was in it. Steve Martin played a very, quirky guy and I just could not get past him with a ponytail!! That just bugged me for some reason.

But it was a cute movie...I'd give it a B. Suprisingly Scott didn't fall alseep! Oh and speaking of falling asleep...he stayed wide awake while we watched Twilight! And said he understands why everyone is so hooked. Said he's really for the next movie because he wants to know what happens. I suggested reading the book...but that's NOT going to happen!LOL

Yum...Edward! I'll end with that thought as it's a good one!


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