Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I really liked the post theme for the Bo Bunny blog yesterday. Not because I came up with it. But because I truly believe in it! I love that we now recycle and have a specific can for it that we fill to the brim every week! And our trash level has gone down to hardly anything. It's a good feeling knowing we're doing our part for the environment. If everyone would take the time to do the same..we'd make a huge impact on our world. I loved the movie Wall-E but the message was clear. Clean up your planet or soon you'll have to abandon it! True! Thanks Disney & Wall-E!

I actually found my contaner I used for the Bo Bunny project while out on my walk. Someone had tossed aside their empty Altoids container and I grabbed it up. Along with other trash...I'm constantly cleaning up along the road. But this time..I good fine besides cans, trash etc.

I made this cutie..

Be sure to pop on over to the Bo Bunny Blog for more great recyle and reuse ideas!

For my jewelry fans...I've added all sorts of fun Easter, spring, bunny pendants along with some really pretty new designs in my Etsy store that you MUST check out!

Here's one of my faves..

And to finish off those Easter gifts...some spring tags and such..here's one I really like!

Last...Edward is in my brain again! While designing and crafting I watched Twilight 3 times over the past few days..I've definitely got a bad case of Edward! YUM!

Be sure to peek in Bo Bunny and my Etsy store!

See you soon,

Bella wannabe ....Julia

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  1. I have a confession.....I've watched it 4 times in a week. And I really really really want to get a dvd player for my craft room so I can watch it more....true confessions of a edward-aholic. LOL


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