Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sincere Sympathy Goes Out...

Not my typical post...but it's on my mind and I've had a hard time shaking it since I heard the news yesterday.

It's hard not to think of it..she was a mother, (a young mother!) to two beautiful sons, a husband who loved her, family, friends! I know we enjoyed her in the movies she was in..I wasn't fortunate enough to see her in any of the Broadway work. However she was much much too young. Such a very difficult story to read. I think it connects especially so for me being a Mom.

My sincere sympathy to her family. Such a loss to all of us.

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  1. i know...she was so beautiful.. I loved her in the newer parent trap--watched several times..such a sad sad thing to happen.. I work in a Operating Room on weekend nights,and one of the most common traumas we do are head traumas--I am with you I keep thinking about it.


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