Monday, March 02, 2009

What a Weekend!

I'm a happy girl! I have had a MAC gift card burning a hole in my pocket for over a year! That's crazy. And I finally went and used it. There's something so amazing about new lipstick, eye shadow..and even better if it's MAC brand! I gave in and picked a Hello Kitty lipgloss. And not because it's Hello Kitty although I like Hello Kitty. I chose it because the lip gloss color was fantastic! Picked a new lipstick and two new eye shadows..I'm a happy girl! Love gift cards!

I was buzy this weekend working on design work...we had a color green challenge today on the Bo Bunny blog. Right up my alley as I LOVE GREEN!!! I made this fun birthday set from our rockin cool new It's My Party line. I LOVE the kind of colors and the whole release honestly is the best yet for Bo Bunny! Do take a minute to visit the Bo Bunny blog and see all the fun creations we made for the green challenge!

I have a new class coming up at For Keeps Sake that uses this line! It's a must make Birthday Book that I LOVE! Bright, colorful fun...and who doesn't have birthday photo to scrap? I know I do! It's Monday, April 6th at 6pm. I'll post pics tomorrow! But if you like the look of the It's My Party'll LOVE the class as well! You can call For Keeps Sake at 314/487-8131 for more information. Or drop me a note!

Last but not least...a funny from Parker. He watched the Eddie Murphy movie Meet Dave. I picked it up at the library for him. He and Haley said it was funny! Scott said he was sitting watching TV when Parker came to him and said...

Parker: Knock Knock

Scott: who's there?

Parker: Lick me... (said with a little Irish twang)

Scott: Lick me who?

Parker: Lick me buttcrack! (or something like this Scott tells me)

Followed by crazy giggles and laughing! This is a line in the movie where the bully is giving the main little dude a hard time. But to hear Parker say it..with a little Irish accent..hysterical. Or to us at the time!LOL The kids gave the movie a thumbs up!

Scott and I rewatched IronMan and I've come to the conclusion I like IronMan more than the new Batman. It's interesting, not boring fun cars, Robert Downey looks cute aside from the hole in his chest and I like the cool suit. Sorry Christian..I really do like you as Batman although I don't understand why you talk weird with the suit on!LOL Hopefully there's going to be a followup to Ironman. I've read yes...hoping that's true!

That's it for today...Happy Birthday to Dr. Suess!


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